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  • Wikinger June Update

    Wikinger June Update

    It’s done, we’ve released the mod version 3.3.8 – and revealed the last doctrine with it. The German Volksgrenadier Division.Now it’s time for a break, time to refuel the modder’s batteries… Well deserved! Enjoy, relax, and come back with more new great ideas to mod!

  • Wikinger February Update

    Wikinger February Update

    Hello Wikingers, it’s time for another quick update post. Guards Tank Corps We are just days away from launching the newest doctrine, our first Soviet one…

  • Wikinger January Update

    Wikinger January Update

    Hey Wikingers, new year, new month, time for a new blog post. ToDo for 2019 modding the remaining 8 doctrines 4x Wehrmacht and 4x Soviet, but to be honest from our experience so far, unexpected things happen when least expected (and needed). So a realistic goal for 2019 would be to finish 3 of each […]

  • Wikinger December Update

    Wikinger December Update

    Hey Wikingers, It’s December; the great free Company of Heroes 2  giveaway just finished and brought us lots of new players; the last British doctrine is done. All good reasons to summarize stuff in an update post. Combined Operations Command

  • Wikinger November Update

    Wikinger November Update

    Hey Wikingers! It’s time for an update – and this time we have some hints to announce! Last British Doctrine Timeline We are hoping to finish the first round of coding very soon (<1 week), which means we will be in Beta Testing Phase mid to end of November. Hopefully everything goes smooth and there […]

  • Wikinger September Update

    Wikinger September Update

    Hey Wikingers! September has passed and it’s time for an update – luckily we got great news; we passed 50% of the full doctrine reworks: 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division

  • Wikinger July Update

    Wikinger July Update

    Hey Wikingers, July has passed, so it’s time to look back on what has happened since the last update post. Modding News French Translation

  • Wikinger June Update

    Wikinger June Update

    Hello Wikingers! June is almost over and we launched a few things. First British Doctrine

  • Wikinger May Update

    Wikinger May Update

    Hello Wikingers, Friends and Players! Another month, another update post – this time concentrating on the Royal Canadian Artillery. Keep reading to see how to enter our British Forces DLC Giveaway!!

  • Wikinger March Update

    Wikinger March Update

    Hello Wikingers! Another month has passed, another patch is out. In March the Devs will be marching (<– got it? MARCHing… hehe) towards the first British doctrine. 3.1.9 Hotfix/Balance/New Stuff Patch