As we get asked quite frequently, here is a rough “How To” on Wikinger’s unique Heavy Artillery system.


In Wikinger there is no ‘click – point – fire’ heavy artillery, we are using a more historically correct system.

On the WW2 battlefield Heavy Artillery was almost always well behind the frontline with no clear line of sight of the enemy. Heavy Artillery relied on Forward Observers to radio map coordinates and fire orders of when and where to shoot.


At first you have to choose a doctrine with heavy artillery units, e.g. the British ‘Royal Canadian Artillery‘ or Waffen ‘SS Panzer Artillerie Regiment “Verbrannte Erde”‘.
Most of the doctrine’s abilities have to be locked off in the tech tree before they can be built. To use the Artillery it needs to be set up, cooled down and has to be coordinated by a spotter or similar unit.
Just keep your Artillery behind the front and move your spotters within range of the target. The spotters are the un its where you can select the artillery strike. Now click and point to the desired target and wait.

Nevertheless, some of the units don’t use this system, but those are pretty obvious as they are using the standard system and don’t need a spotting unit.

Note: some of the artillery strikes need a visual on the target, teamworking or scouting with a sniper can be very helpfull on this.



US Armor

Use the m8 command car unlock to get said command car: that gives you mark target, aerial recon, and the phos stirke, calliope sherman does its rocket barrage.

US Infantry

Mortar and 105mm sherman shoot their own stuff, while the rangers officer calls in the xylophone


Planes are call-ins, while the AB old crock is the one who calls in the heavy mortar

US Arty

  • You need to dig in the spotters in that little bunker they build to call in 75 pack guns, 150mm long tom and 230 black dragon, which you do from you main base at the fire control building, but be aware that using one will put the other 2 on cooldown as well. (the cooldown for all 3 is based on the strength of the strike you use. 75 pack guns put everything on a short cooldown, while dragon has a very long one).
  • Wolverines shoot on thier own, but need a doc unlock and HE upgrade
  • the spotter jeep from company command post controls priests

Waffen (OKW) Wunderwaffe

the plane and V1 are call ins

Waffen (OKW) Luftwaffe

the planes are call-ins

Waffen (OKW) Eiserner Wille

  • in order yo use SU-76 and Captured howitzer barrage, you need to build the panzer luchs spotting vehicle,
  • bunker call in supply drop, stuka ace.

Waffen (OKW) Verbrannte Erde

  • SDKFZ 223 can call in lighter artillery strikes within a smaller range, needs to be toggled to ob servery mode first
  • Panzerwerfer 42 can work on it’s own
  • Panzer IV Beobachtungswagen can call in mighty artillery strikes and has a long range, needs to be toggled to ob servery mode first
  • 120 mm mortar works on it’s own, but mostly needs visual – best to be combined with a sniper

British Armor

Airstrikes need to be called in from the cromwell contact tank

British Lowland

  • use the sherman spotting tank to call in sextons, much like US arty with its priests,
  • land mattress fires on its own

British combined arms

use the SAS forward party to call in airstrikes and paradrops

Royal Canadian Artillery

  1. build the batteries,
  2. bren carrier or sexton GPO. Bren carrier stealths itself, while the GPO is larger (and has more view range), but can also call in Uncle barrage, as well as victor target. You can only have 1 of the 2 at a time on the field.


  • Sound ranging microphones happens automatically