Installing the Wikinger: European Theater of War modification for Company of Heroes 2

First of all: You need to have Company of Heroes 2 installed on your computer.

Now you got 2 different ways on installing Wikinger: European Theater of War…

No. 1: STEAM Workshop – this should be the easiest way

Go to the STEAM Workshop, we’ve created a collection with all of the essential files which you can find here.

You should (at least) install the mod “Wikinger: European Theater of War” (first item) and you also have to install the second file “Wikinger: Win Condition Pack”.
Just click on the first item and then you will be redirected to the desired steam workshop page.

Subscribing to Wikinger files

In here you have to subscribe (I have a German Steam version, for me it’s called “abonnieren”, in English it is “subscribe”).
Don’t forget to leave us a hopefully positive rating and if you really like/love/life Wikinger, then please also mark us as your favorite modification for CoH2.

Same applies to the win condition pack which is necessary to be able to use the new tech trees.

Also “subscribe” (abonnieren), “rate” (bewerten) and set us as a favorite if you like the mod.


With the newer mod versions the skinpacks are essential as we not only use them to make the vehicles look better, but also to create totally new units.

Also you don’t have to equip them any more. It is enough if you subscribed and downloaded them. The Wikinger wcp automatically applies them when you start a game.

You can take a look first, we’ve a selection of them shown on our website, just click here to come to our images section.

Now steam will auto download the files in the background, it will also automatically check for updates and keep you updated.

No. 2: – direct download

When you are having trouble downloading Wikinger via the steam workshop, then this here is a possible solution for you.

  1. Download the main mod from

    Download Wikinger European Theater of War – Mod DB
  2. unzip the file (536953701.sga) and paste it to here:
    C:\Users\*your pc username*\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes 2\mods\tuning\subscriptions\
  3. Download the win condition pack from

    Download Wikinger Win Condition Pack – Mod DB
  4. unzip the file (536957797.sga) and paste it to here:
    C:\Users\*your pc username*\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes 2\mods\gamemode\subscriptions\

Known Issues:

Some users experience an odd behaviour of the steam workshop which causes that the subscribed items do not get downloaded and/or not updated.

Start company of heroes 2, go to the “modding hub”, navigate to “manage” and search for the Wikinger files

steam workshop error 37
steam workshop error 37

A solution which could also work for you is explained here in our forum.

If you need further assistance or help we are happy to help you in our forum.

Important note: when you download and implement the files manually without a correctly working steam workshop, then you won’t get auto updates