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      So i have been having issues with Installing Wikinger and other mods,

      The issues is Error Code 37, i reinstalled windows, clean reinstalled COH2, if been tryin everything downloading from the site and everything, sadly it still hasn’t been working till today i picked up contact with Olhausen, he is also not aware As we speak with the issue,


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      Hello sean,

      here a post from the old forum….

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      Hey there,
      like many others I had a problem that my workshop files don’t update, maps/mods/…/ I subscribed to did not download, no auto download when joining other player’s game and so on.

      But finally after swearing arround, hating relic and steam, searching the internet without many success,… I found a way to solve the problem.

      I don’t claim that this will work for everyone and neither that I found this solution all by myself – I found some hints on another steam game with workshop content and just applied the hints I found there onto my system.
      ***some of the names, paths, …, may vary or be named in a different way – I’m using a German copy of the game, so some names I use could be unfamiliar in other languages, I just tried to translate them to English***

      1. got to C:\Users\DS\Documents\My Games
      2. rename the folder Company of Heroes 2 (just adding a _ to the end is enough), Company of Heroes 2_
      3. start Company of Heroes 2.exe
      4. you have to readjust all of your grafic/sound/…/ settings
      5. optional (you may skip this and continue at step 9): quit to windows again
      6. automatically by your system: a new folder named Company of Heroes 2 is automatically created in here: C:\Users\DS\Documents\My Games\
      7. optional: now copy-paste all of your downloaded stuff (the whole folder C:\Users\DS\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes 2\mods should be sufficient)
      8. start Company of Heroes 2.exe
      9. go to the Modding-Hub
      10. go to the last index tab (should be named “managed” in English)
      11. wait for a couple of hours (I let my computer run a whole night, depends on your internet connection)
      12. now the new created folder (see step 6) should contain all of the stuff you ever subscribed to
      13. done

      If you want to make the coh-system run smoother again you may additonal get rid of all the unneeded workshop files

      1. unsubscribe to as many things as possibly
      2. delete as many files as possibly (I had some maps in old versions like 3 or 4 times)
      3. schedule this “maintenance work” on a regular basis

      If there is a logic behind all this, it could be as follows:
      When COH2 is started, it checks for updates on all of your workshop items. Unfortunatelly this takes like ages and the system checks EVERY single file. When a file is outdated it will be downloaded. So far so good, makes sense, but the problem is, that existing files have a priority for checking updates and eventually downloading those and any new files (ones you just subscribed to, or missing content when playing skirmish with others) have a very low priority in the coh2-workshop-system.

      I hope this works for you also, please let me know if you have been successful or encountered other possibilities.

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      i tried same thing happened Error Code 37, mate

      i literally, tried EVERYTHING on the forums

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      did u get rid of some of the unneeded workshop items?


      do u have the chance on installing wikinger manually?

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      This has been resolved – was informed on discord.  Some code was adjusted on users machine.

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      Anyone Requiring help with this Error, U can come To me and pick up contact with me,


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      Feel free to drop the instructions on here and we can start creating a repository of common fixes 🙂

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      Its need a Company of heroes LUA reading Failure between Steam And Company of heroes this can be Bypassed by changing a code i am not exactly aware of which one it is, and it is for every person Different, due to their steam being different

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