Setting up a game

How to set up a game using the Wikinger: European Theater of War modification for Company of Heroes 2

Of course to set up a game you need to have all of the necessary files, which are at least our main mod and the specially built win condition pack to be able to use the new non-linear tech tree system.
If you are struggling with that – we have a tutorial in here showing you how to install the mod and a forum to help you with troubleshooting if further help is required.

  1. start the standard Company of Heroes 2 game
  2. click on “Online & Skirmish”
  3. set up a skirmish game by clicking on “Create Custom Game”
  4. go to “Options”
  5. Choose “Wikinger: European Theater of War” as a Tuning Pack
  6. Choose one of the game modes from “Wikinger: European Theater of War” as a Win Condition Pack
    You will see that our game modes always begin with “Wikinger WCP:”, followed by the actual game mode
    – Annihilation
    – VP (short form for Victory Points)

    We also have a “High Zoom” option for the different game modes to offer (short form sometimes used: just “high” or “HZ”) for which you should have a powerful PC/Laptop and the coh2 graphic settings on high – it lets you zoom out a lot more to allow a more tactical view on the battlefield.
    Also there is a variant with a popcap of 999.

Regular Wikinger players will probably remember that the commanders from the vanilla game should be disabled – this is not required any more, we’ve embedded a code within our win condition pack which disables the commanders automatically.