Wikinger September Update

Hey Wikingers!

September has passed and it’s time for an update – luckily we got great news; we passed 50% of the full doctrine reworks:

52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division

An Infantry division originally trained for mountain warfare; it was used extensively throughout the liberation of Europe earning great distinction in many battles. Use your light and elite infantry supported by specialist infantry tanks to assault the enemy lines.

Some Info

See the full changelog here.

Some Screenshots

Many thanks to Starbuck; 1st for the great bending and getting the most out of the limited modding tools Relic allows us to use, 2nd for the great screenshots he provided.

DLC giveaway

You are still missing the British DLC? Take a look on Shermanator’s newest Wikinger gameplay video, like and comment to get a chance for your free British DLC.

Already got the British DLC? Well, just enjoy the great video The Shermanator uploaded 😉


New American Unit

Guess what…?

The Jumbo is there!!!

We added 76mm Jumbo tank to Infantry doctrine!


Until next time, happy gaming, good luck with the giveaway and cya soon!


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