Wikinger: July – November Update

Our dear Wikinger players and fans, it has been a long time since we last gave an update like this. As you will have seen from the updates that we have been putting out that our break was short, and we have been busy modding, polishing and just generally avoiding Coronavirus… like the plague.

Since the June update, (which we released at the end of May) we have released two full patches: 3.3.9 & 3.4.0. We are on the cusp of releasing 3.4.1 in a few days.

Patch 3.3.9 & 3.4.0

As it has been a significant amount of time since patch 3.3.9 released, it will be summarised as predominantly the US Airborne Doctrine overhaul patch.

The full detail of the changelog can be read on the forum.

Patch 3.4.0 was voted on by our Patreon supporters, out of 8 possible options they voted on a top four. That formed the backbone of our modding direction for that patch and as a result it was known as 3.4.0 Patreon Patch. We ended up cramming a whole lot more into the patch as well, but you can read all about that in the forum too.

We also ran a community doctrine balance survey, where we asked PvP & PvE players to rate their four most over performing and under performing doctrines. The results of the survey have given us some key areas to focus on for the 3.4.1 patch.

Patch 3.4.1 – Release Imminent

Community Update

If you’re reading this you’ll have noticed that the website looks a little different to how it used to. We’ve worked on getting the site updated in a number of key areas, currently we’ve got three of the four Wehrmacht Tech trees up to date with the last just waiting on a few icons before we can update the placeholder image (the cards are there).


Our discord community has crossed over the 1500 user milestone, and as our numbers increase it makes it easier for us to get closer to what we need to apply for the Discord Partner Program.

We’ve taken a new approach with the beta program, as the original doctrine overhaul was completed at the end of patch 3.3.8 we are now focussing on a quality of life program. This will predominantly look at solving issues with typos, translations, hotkeys and the like. We will be looking to the community as a whole to provide overall feedback on balance issues and suggestions.

We have two announcement channels on discord now, the generic #announcements channel and also a new #changelog where we add information as it get developed.

Other Social Platforms

We have consolidated the majority of our community into the discord server, however we are aware that we have users spread out across a number of other channels too. We try to have information feeding out to those channels automatically so that information doesn’t get missed.

If you’re finding that you want us to be more active on other channels, please reach out to us and let us know. As we only have a limited amount of free time to fit everything into we do prioritise channels in order of size first.

64-Bit Release

It came as huge surprise to us (and most of the community) when Relic announced that they were releasing COH2 with 64-bit architecture. We’ve had a number of our players testing it and while it is still a beta and has bugs, the signs are promising that it will alleviate or fix a number of issues that have been plaguing the old 32-bit engine for a number of years.

At this stage the only indication of a release date has been a comment from Andy (Relic) on forums, stating that they are no longer working on a mid-November release.

Read more here

Final Thoughts

We look forward to sharing the next release with you, while 2020 has been a really weird year for most people, stuck in various lockdowns and facing various forms of uncertainty over the last 11 months, we trust that being able to play Wikinger: European Theatre of War has alleviated some of the boredom/frustration or unease.

Until next time,

The Wikinger Development Team

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