Wikinger January Update

Hey Wikingers,

new year, new month, time for a new blog post.

ToDo for 2019

  • modding the remaining 8 doctrines
    • 4x Wehrmacht and 4x Soviet,
    • but to be honest from our experience so far, unexpected things happen when least expected (and needed). So a realistic goal for 2019 would be to finish 3 of each doctrines (so 6 in total).
  • balance changes (buffs and nerfs)
    • Luftwaffe needs some attention again
    • Americans shall have a small adjustment as well
  • … who knows what else we might come up this year.
  • playing lots of games with our community

Modding Wehrmacht

We started the first Wehrmacht doctrine last month and already gave out the first version to our beta-testers.

So far the feedback is overall good and to recite DeathKitty on his first try on the first beta:

Mechanized doesn’t feel broken, actually quite playable – some concerns about infantry and the light vehicle warfare (tanks are perfect)!


We are confident to finish it in January!

Meanwhile you can read a nice article which gave us some inspiration.

And another one that might give you a hint for the following screenshot as well.

RAF Combined Operations Overview

VinnySOB made a very nice overview video – check it out to see all of the details of the latest Wikinger Doctrine.



What do you think about this?