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  • Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #11

    Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #11

    Hello everyone! This one is coming out a day late as we had a few things to complete yesterday which will make for a far more interesting weekly wrap up today! US Infantry Doctrine Status: Released to beta!

  • Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #8

    Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #8

    Hello again awesome players! What a fantastic week we have had, seeing the Wikinger community come together in ways we would never have imagined! Community Updates Player Guides The whole Wikinger Team is working hard with real life, daily work, family … It was our intention to set up tutorials on how to use the […]

  • Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #7

    Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #7

    Another week has flown by! Here we are for another weekly wrap up. Patch 3.1.5B Update Status: Released! That’s right, after a lot longer than we intended (see wrap up #6) we released the 3.1.5B patch on the 16th (GMT+12).  We had to do a lot of work twice, but that’s just the price to […]

  • Wikinger – Weekly Wrap Up #1

    Wikinger – Weekly Wrap Up #1

    Hello Wikingers! First Update Post on the new Wikinger Website! Wikinger Mod Updates We’re going to keep the updates rolling out to you as we progress through the continual development of Wikinger: European Theater of War. So you know what is happening in between the patches and so there is a record of the work […]

  • 3.1.5 Aesthetic Improvements

    3.1.5 Aesthetic Improvements

    Here’s a quick look at one of the new aesthetic improvement’s we’ve made to Wikinger in this coming patch, there are many other vehicles that have similar immersion boosting improvements applied.

  • first video of the new 3.1.5 BETA

    Hey Wikingers, MeatshieldNZ had a liddle fun with the new 3.1.5 BETA before it was launched – luckily the playbacks work again (don’t ask me why, but they do) so that we are able to share it with you. And while you are already watching YouTube, don’t forget to head over to the Wikinger YouTube […]