Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #8

Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #8

Hello again awesome players!

What a fantastic week we have had, seeing the Wikinger community come together in ways we would never have imagined!

Community Updates

Player Guides

The whole Wikinger Team is working hard with real life, daily work, family … It was our intention to set up tutorials on how to use the different doctrines, but we haven’t had the time to do so. Without being asked for two of our regular players, Nyvre and Death_Kitty, took the task upon themselves and have made some great doctrine overviews,  strategies, do’s and don’ts.

If you’d like to read or contribute your own faction or doctrine guide please do so here. A very big THANK YOU from the Wikinger Team!


We mentioned him here last week and we have already featured him on our Discord channel, but now it’s time to show our appreciation for producing several Wikinger videos a day! VinnySOB is comparably new to Wikinger. And like most of the players, who are just used to a brain-dead AI, he struggled a bit and had to learn the hard way that Wikinger’s normal/hard AI is way “smarter” and harder to defeat then other mod’s AI. Take a look at his videos and see how he proceeds and keep track of his learning curve.

Also – he’s really close to 100 subs on YouTube – lets see if we can push him over 100!

3.1.5 C Beta Update

Status: Released

While we were quite sure we were so close to getting these prices right we have gone right back to the drawing board and re-ranked all the vehicles in game with an extra emphasis on the things that affect game play the most, while de-emphasizing factors that were swaying the ranking in an unfavorable way. Olhausen, Starbuck and I all worked on various aspects of this patch at different times (at one point we had a sequential hand off of the code and probably had someone modding for a good 12 hours straight!)

Vehicle Pricing

We tweaked the vehicle pricing and came up with a new way of calculation. One goal of it is also, that the medium tanks see some more use. If you are interested in the details, we have a special FAQ-page for it. Direct link.

Aesthetic Additions

Starbuck has done a lot of work on a lot of aesthetic and “non-essential” visual additions to Wikinger – we like to call them immersion builders.  While I could ramble on and tell you about them, this is the internet and I can show you a gif instead!

Visual Camouflage Abilities

This camouflage has been added to some vehicles, more will be added – if you can put your tank near some bushes and activate the ability – it won’t give you “ambush mode” like  the dedicated hunters get but it may be enough to give you an extra second if your opponent doesn’t see a tank on their first look at the bushes!

Medic Retreat Point
US Half Track Repair Mode
AA Mode

Here are some visual markers that we have tied to various abilities in game to give a more immersive presence on the battlefield so you can see at a glance if a unit is set up the way you intended it to be.

3.1.6 – US Infantry Doctrine Update


We’ll keep you posted with how we progress with the US infantry doctrine patch, it’s all early days yet and our priority has been these previous two patches to set the groundwork for the next major patch.  There is nothing major to report other than some preliminary work to set the groundwork for the major overhaul that we are gearing up to undertake, some of this groundwork will be released in the 3.1.5C patch and others will come with the completed doctrine.

Until next time!

The Wikinger Development Team

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  1. Thanks again for the shout out Wikinger team. I have been testing the newest version of the beta and I have to say I am really enjoying it…especially the new camouflage feature. It looks great! Thanks for pointing out the fact that you do not receive the damage bonus. I had some questions about the the cost changes, but it appears you are still reworking them. Thanks for all of your hard work guys.

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