Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #7

Another week has flown by! Here we are for another weekly wrap up.

Patch 3.1.5B Update

Status: Released!

That’s right, after a lot longer than we intended (see wrap up #6) we released the 3.1.5B patch on the 16th (GMT+12).  We had to do a lot of work twice, but that’s just the price to pay for having a standard of a bug free release, every time.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say about the improvements we’ve made to Wikinger in this patch, it should have removed a lot of frustrations that have been voiced over the previous weeks and months.

3.1.5B in Detail

British Commonwealth

  • Reworked all mortars weapons & abilities. Now they have properly modded saturation/precision/auto-attack and mortar warheads.
  • Reworked all Mortars UI reticule radius to show properly the area of effect.
  • Mortar emplacement barrage smoke creeping reworked. Increased cost & remove veterancy restriction.
  • Reworked Typhoon strafing run
  • Increased ammo price of Vickers from 40 to 50 of ammo.
  • Rework Churchill Crocodile damage & criticals vs vehicles

Soviet army

  • Added hold fire button to KV-2
  • Fixed missing portrait for T-70 light tank
  • Rework KV-8 damage & critical vs vehicles
  • Reduced the arc of fire of HMG maxim and Sokolov (wheel & wooden bunkers) from 90 to 70
  • Rework all Mortars UI reticule radius to show properly the area of effect.
  • Increased ammo price of dshk 1938 from 40 to 50 of ammo.
  • Reduced accuracy of maxim 1910 about 30% and maintain his ammo price on 40.
  • Move HMG maxim to Shock army doctrine only.
  • Increased global limit of ISU-152 from one to two.
  • ISU-152 frontal armor rework: Using an historical schematic of this vehicle we adjusted the penetration of all weapons in game.
  1. Elite SS forces: done
  2. Wehrmacht: done
  3. AEF: done
  4. British Commonwealth: done
  5. Soviet army: done


American forces:

  • Fixed txt of Grease gun upgrade
  • Fixed txt for Foxholes in airborne doctrine.
  • Remove build direction for Foxholes in airborne doctrine.
  • Reworked all Mortars UI reticule radius to show properly the area of effect.
  • Reworked P-47 .50cal Strafing run.
  • Increased the ammo price of .50 cal from 40 to 50 of ammo.
  • B-26 Tactical Bombing: greatly increase damage and area effect and remove two plane. Now the air strike have 1 planes instead 3. Also removed the warning income circle.
  • Added realistic camouflage animation to M15A1 in AA mode. Credits to Starbuck


German Elite SS forces

  • Reduced the arc of fire of HMG 42/34 (tripodic) from 120 to 70
  • Rework all Mortars UI reticule radius to show properly the area of effect.
  • Rework Hetzer flammepanzer damage & criticals vs vehicles.
  • Fixed txt requirement for last SWS truck activation
  • Fixed txt of Tiger I requirements
  • Removed coaxial MG from Panzerbeobachtungwagen IV. This vehicle dont have room for an extra machine gun in the turret because of radio equipment (thanks to Meatshield for the historical advice)
  • Increase the price of Nebewerfer 42 off map from 65 to 120
  • Added realistic camouflage to Ostwind in AA mode. Credits to Starbuck.
  • Fixed a lot of txt regarding “Batlegroup Headquarters” activation for call in units. Now have correct txt in the requirement section.
  1. Luftwaffe Airborne Assault
  2. SS Jager dispatch
  3. SS Scharschutze dispatch
  4. Sniper ace dispatch
  5. Jagdverbande infiltration
  • Increase the price of the Jagdverbande infiltration unit from 330 to 360.
  • Reworked Ju-87 strafing run.
  • Increased the price of HMG 34 from 40 to 50 of ammo.
  • Increased the price of HMG 42 from 55 to 60 of ammo.
  • Removed the manual medic kit from Sniper Ace and added auto heal ability like any other elite troops.
  • Added new visual elements and animation for the Sdkfz 251/8 Ambulance. Credits to Starbuck



  • Reduced the arc of fire of HMG 42/34 (tripodic & concrete bunkers) from 120 to 70
  • Rework all Mortars UI reticule radius to show properly the area of effect.
  • Improve the critical of Jagdtiger main weapon vs vehicles after penetration & bounce.
  • Increased the price of HMG 34 from 40 to 50 of ammo.
  • Increased the price of HMG 42 from 55 to 60 of ammo.
  • Fixed Panther Ausf A build icon from tank hunter doctrine.
  • Added new visual elements for the Sdkfz 251/8 Ambulance. Credits to Starbuck
  • Added realistic camouflage animation to Ostwind in AA mode. Credits to Starbuck.



  • HMGs arc of fire: reworked to have historical accurate one.
  • Reworked Strafing runs:
  • Now Strafing runs will do damage depending on covers. Doing a list of them, the upper ones will be the best covers and the last ones will be the worst.
  1. Trenches: best ones, reduce a lot the received damage vs accuracy
  2. Garrison: reduced damage
  3. Green & yellow: reduced received accuracy
  4. Open & Red: worst ones. Stay in open terrain will be the worst case scenario and plane could deal a lot of damage even destroy a unit if all bullets hit in the target.
  • Block the Snipers Scope Ability during sprint. In this way we avoid bugs and add more realism.
  • Fixed the arc of fire of all snipers in game. Now they work properly inside of his sight cone angle during the scoped ability.
  • Airstrikes: All of them in all factions are now forbidden in command sector. Did it to prevent abuse on PvP games.
  • Airplanes payloads calibration: Using realistic warheads (kg) we maintain an historical relationship between them.
  1. Adjusted area effect
  2. Adjusted and increment damage
  3. Adjusted reload times.
  4. Adjusted cost
  5. Adjusted the incoming time to give the players more time to dodge.
  6. Increase minimum range to avoid visual bugs

Patch 3.1.5C Update

Status: Beta Released

We’ve pushed out the 3.1.5C beta to our team of beta testers, we’ve already started to receive feedback on the prices and have some work to do (what’s new?) already.

There’s a bit more to do before we can have a solid idea of when this will make it into the live game.  Once we know, we will update you as to when to expect another release.

Some of the devs played through a game with the internal release as the Axis forces against the combined forces of the Allies.  We have a video on YouTube going live tomorrow if you’d like to see how these new prices play out in a game setting.

Patch 3.1.6 Update

Status: In progress

The US Infantry Division is now in development, we will be working as quickly as we can to get this patch out with the minimum amount of delays, there is quite a bit of work to do but we don’t have to bundle any reworks with this patch so we should be a lot closer to our original time frame of 2-3 weeks per doctrine – though we do plan on dropping the 3.1.5C patch before we drop 3.1.6.

We will be showcasing the tech tree preview in the coming weeks.


We’ve had a fairly good week on all social fronts – our YouTube is closing in on 300 subscribers (looking forward to coming up with a 300 subscriber special video).

There have been some improvements over on Facebook – we uploaded a new cover video – a new feature by FB so we’re happy to test that out with a seamless video loop – featuring the vanilla damage model – all those guys survived, had to edit it so it was ambiguous!

We also uploaded this neat video onto FB where we had a video from a replay where the Arado 234 explosion actually was bigger than the screen – with our zoomed out camera!



Just some minor style things have been adressed, the menu on the right side has been rearranged and will change depending if you are in the forum or anywhere else on the webside.

We got a new “Become a Patron” – banner and also set up a PayPal account.

So if you would like to show your appreciation of our work in a monitary way – you would be very welcomed.

Wikinger: European Theater of War

That’s all for now, we’ll keep you updated during the week as we progress on all fronts.

Happy Wikingering!!

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