Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #6

Hello Wikingers!!

3.1.5 b “Rapid” Patch Update

It has been a very frustrating week, Olhausen had been making excellent progress and we had knocked out a ton of really annoying player frustrations, but unfortunately somewhere along the way we had introduced a bug which was causing huge FPS drops and even freezing/crashes.  There was no way we were going to let that go out to the world in that state, we’re committed to releasing a bug free patch every time, so we’ve had to roll it all back and start again!

Once the work is re-done (and it’s never as long the second time around) these bugs/issues will be corrected:

  • ISU-152 chance to penetrate increased – also pop cap upped to two.
  • Strafing runs – now adjusted to be affected by cover & angle of attack
  • Bombing runs area of effect adjusted – for example the B-26 Marauder wasn’t giving any damage unless it was a direct hit.
  • Missing or bugged custom portraits and build icons
  • MG firing arcs and pricing have been adjusted to be historically correct


3.1.5 c Vehicle Pricing Overhaul Update

Due to the issues mentioned above we have had to hold off implementing the prices until we fix the FPS issues and release that patch, luckily we have all the work ready to go and it can be implemented very quickly so it’s a case of release patch 3.1.5 b, and move immediately onto the 3.1.5 c beta and get some more feedback as to how the new prices work in context of the game.


3.1.6 Doctrinal Patch

We are really happy to say that the initial groundwork has been completed and we are progressing towards starting that patch ASAP, we can begin the work as soon as we have resolved the issues in 3.1.5 b – so while the community tests the vehicle pricing patch, the development team will be building the next doctrine!

We will have a preview out showcasing what the US Infantry Division doctrine will look like shortly, we are finalizing a few things but the majority of the doctrine is there.


Community Update

One of the core things that the Wikinger development team believes in is its community of players, we have worked towards creating a group of people who all play the same mod and can enjoy playing together but also be a resource for new players as they come to play (and hopefully love) Wikinger: European Theater of War.  We had a spectacular demonstration of this over the last few days of this week, one of our players came to the forum and laid down a whole ton of salt about how CoH2 and Wikinger mod was frustrating, and that they were taking a break from playing for a while, possibly permanently.

This would’ve been the end of the story, someone walking away from the mod – and that happens, people come and go with games.  What we were so amazed to see was an outpouring of offers of help from the community, one our beta testers offered to show the player the ropes, both taking him through the game as a whole and also doctrine by doctrine teaching some of the finer points.

Another beta tester created a guide for the Wunderwaffe doctrine to help both the player and the community as a guide – this was the doctrine that somewhat sparked off the initial frustration.

A huge thank you from those in the development team to those of you who offered support to a frustrated player!  The end result was that the indefinite hiatus was a very short one and we now have a more complete community for it – someone who never used to play with other people now has some new friends and people to play with!



Our YouTube subscribers have overtaken our Facebook likers making YT our #2 social platform behind the steam group which just crossed 350 members!

Speaking of YouTube – we’ve been chatting with VinnySOB who has been uploading his games of Wikinger (and other CoH2 mods) – head on over to his channel and make sure he sees that Wikinger is the most popular subject on his channel! We love supporting people who support us! VinnySOB’s Channel


That’s all we really have for you this week, not a huge amount of new news due to the unfortunate setback we suffered with the FPS hits in the beta we ran.

Until next time

Happy Gaming!


  1. Keep up the good work guys. I cannot wait to try out the new USF Infantry doctrine. Also, thanks for mentioning my channel. Showcasing great mods is the main reason I started the channel and Wikinger is definitely a great mod. More wikinger videos on the way.

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