Wikinger November Update

Hey Wikingers!

It’s time for an update – and this time we have some hints to announce!

Last British Doctrine


We are hoping to finish the first round of coding very soon (<1 week), which means we will be in Beta Testing Phase mid to end of November. Hopefully everything goes smooth and there are not so many mistakes, adjustments or bugfixes necessary.

Realistically this also means that we have a very high chance to finish #12 of 20 doctrines; finishing the Brits and then moving on to get the rest (Russian and Wehrmacht) done in 2019.


actually just one 😉


The Shermanator uploaded another video with one of our sponsored CoH2 DLC giveaways – like share and try to get a chance for the British DLC if you are still missing it.

Many thanks also to SturmtruppenV who is also constantly uploading Wikinger videos to YouTube.

3.2.3 (a) Hotfix

Full changelog.

In my very personal opinion the most impressive thing on this is so-called “Hotfix” (it’s actually an UPDATE with a hotfix attached)…


That’s it for now,
enjoy gaming and prepare for Beta Testing!



What do you think about this?