Wikinger March Update

Hello Wikingers!

Another month has passed, another patch is out.
In March the Devs will be marching (<– got it? MARCHing… hehe) towards the first British doctrine.

3.1.9 Hotfix/Balance/New Stuff Patch

We have done a lot to improve the gameplay, added new effects, new units, new explosions…. lots of new stuff – some examples:

Prebuilt bases

New Structures

Added Quad50 emplacement to Infantry Doc. Requires Wikinger OKW skin pack to be updated to version 1.7

Added Pantherturm to Iron Will Doctrine.  Requires Wikinger OKW skin pack to be updated to version 1.7


We also fixed some problems regarding balance issues.


The off map artillery is now bound to the tiers… for the superheavy call-in artillery the player now has to have the last tier developed and of course the correct tech-tree unlocked.

U.S. Artillery

We nerfed the doctrine a lot for balance reasons, see the whole changelog for more information.

Recon units

For basic recon units (like Puma, Bren etc.) the recon ability got changed. It will be always “on” (at no cost) when not fighting or moving.

Binocular range

All of the binoculars got nerfed/adjusted.


  • 81mm mortar for the U.S. Arti Doc now has the correct damage values
  • A.I. improvements
  • rusky 203mm B4 gun is now able to fire
  • see the changelog for all the details


You can check out the complete changes here in our forum.



We broke through the 100,000 site-visit mark…. current counter is at over 104,000 site visits with an average of 400 visits per day in 2018.


TheSuperJew has organized a great Wikinger tournament in which 16 players participate…

We are all very tensed to see who wins the finals, it is up to Garry and Lesnik to decide who is the best on the battlefield – good luck to both!

Dev’s community

Mongalong has been busy and successful in creating the next generation of gamers – his son has just recently been born. Healthy and all good, but of course that means Mongalong has to do what a man has to do and stays at the homefront nowadays. Fighting the constant battle of changing diapers and stuff like that.

Congrats comrade!

He’ll take some time off from Wikinger but will definitely be back in a few weeks.


That’s all for now, enjoy playing Wikinger!







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