Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #17

Hello Wikingers!

Thanks to Lorarius, I was able to have a weeks break from doing the weekly wrap up, but this week I am back!

First Up

Patch Progress

We rolled out 3.1.6C yesterday, which seems odd as we have been gearing up to 3.1.7 – Eisener Wille, however rather than bundle all this work into one huge patch that takes over a month to develop we are rolling out the groundwork for the next doctrine in a series of smaller rapid patches.  We’ve made some huge improvement to the mod in this latest patch, we have one more patch to get out the door and then we all the major ground work is completed and rolled out for the next doctrine patch.  Which also means we can just do the doctrine and not have anything else bundled with it.

3.1.6C was an update to both the tuning and win condition packs, we’ve gone through and polished our UI – working on some improvements visually to ensure that each element is adding to the play experience as opposed to taking away from it.

A big part of this is a totally redesigned tech tree element, we have been aware of how much screen real estate it takes up and how in a crucial moment of battle you could lose almost 100% vision on the field.  To combat this we’ve made the main part of the tree translucent, this way you’ll be able to see what is going on while you’re tech-ing through your various research options.

AI Tournament

The AI time trial closes tomorrow so once we’ve received all entries we will be announcing a winner and presenting them with the $10 steam voucher! Replays etc will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.


Yet again we’ve had a fantastic week of constant YouTube content, we’ve added it all to our replays playlist which you can look through and enjoy both PvP and compstomp replays, we’re really amazed at how many live-streams are going up now as well, this isn’t something we were seeing two months ago, now it’s all the time.


Again we really want to extend a huge thank you to our supporters on YouTube, you’re spreading the word in ways that it would take us so much longer to do.

If you know of someone who is uploading Wikinger videos and we’re not aware of them please let us know, we’d love to get behind their channel and support them.

Wrap Up

We’re constantly working towards improving the mod, we take all the feedback given to us into consideration – we are not always able to get to it straight away but we work on things based on their importance and how much of a potential effect on the mod and its play-ability.

If you wish to aid us in our work there are multiple ways, you can get involved as a beta tester, host public PvP games, upload games to your YouTube or Twitch channel or back us financially.  All of these things aid us in our work, and allow us to bring you new things faster.

Until next week!

The Wikinger Development Team

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