Want to get early access to Wikinger as we develop it?

The Wikinger development team know that community members are the most important thing about the mod we’re making, above everything else if we have no players then there’s no point doing what we do.

So with that in mind we have shifted the beta testing away from being closed off to a few players and have made it open to any of our players, based on a few conditions.

A prospective beta tester must be:

  • A Wikinger forum member – this helps keep all the feedback in one place
  • Have a minimum of five forum posts
  • Prepared to not just play, but also give as detailed feedback as you can
  • Patient with us, we’re all volunteers and giving up our precious time to bring this mod to completion.

So, head on over to the forum and sign up, and register your application to be a beta tester here!