Wikinger November Update

Hello Wikingers,
it’s been a while since the last update post – coming from weekly ones – noticing that doesn’t work, to monthly ones – just to notice that sometimes we just have not too many new and interesting things to share.

Anyway, now we have a few small things I am happy to share with you!

Patreon Event

For our patrons we have a special Discord chanel which we use to feed the newest information, exclusive previews, screenshots of the new docs and so on.

Additional to that we hosted a short live briefing.
Mongalong invited all of our patrons to an exclusive live stream in which we introduced the sketched up ideas for the new doctrine, some background information and first impressions of the last Soviet doctrine.
It wasn’t easy to find a suitable timeslot as the host is from New Zealand, and the patrons from all over the world, but somehow it worked.

Wikinger: European Theater of War

If you want to help us funding our work, just hop over to our Patreon site.

Alpha / Beta Testing

You know what it means when we let the testers from the leash and give them something new to break – YES, a new doctrine is on its way.

omsbon seperate special purpose motorised rifle brigade
the last Soviet Doctrine

We cannot give much more information right now, but the Patrons and Beta testers liked it so far, more will follow before the official release.

t34 special skin by starbuck
Starbuck made a great job again

Additional Changes

Beside the new doctrine, we will also try to sqeeze out some bugs, hunt down some typos and include some things that you haven’t seen so far (will change a few things for the existing docs)…
I’ll let the following picture speak for itself and leave it just as a hint.

war department pamphlet no 21-23
keep this in mind when you enter the battlefield – don’t trust anything

Time Plan

As we are still in an early phase of testing I would guess it’ll take another month or maximum two to finish the update – we hope to finish it still in 2019.



It seems like we have a new Youtuber in our ranks, not sure if he is on Discord as well, but he comments on replays. Unfortunatelly for most of us he comments in Italian.

Many thanks to our loyal content creators, we see kind of a mostly constant flow of new videos on YouTube nowadays – quite a change to what we saw in 2016, not to speak about of the time before.


1225 … 1226 … 1227 … and counting onwards
Our Discord is growing faster than ever!
The more we are, the better, so keep inviting friends and other players – there are still a lot of Wikinger players out there, who do not know about our great Discord community.

Well, that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed. Good luck in your games and see you on the battlefield!


  1. Good Day Sir! Can I request for the updated changelog, skins and win condition pack for moddb? Thank you and more power to your team.

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