Wikinger December Update

Hello Wikingers!
We’re here for the final update for the 2019, it’s been a busy year and we are on the second to last doctrine update for the doctrine rework we have been working on since December 2016.

Wikinger Supplemental Skin Pack

We released our sixth skin pack before Christmas, this allows us to further expand on our already extensive collections of custom skins and models that we have included in WIkinger: EToW so far.

It’s a link, click it!

If you haven’t subscribed already, you need to do so to get the full experience of the coming 3.3.7 patch. As with all our skin packs, you just need to subscribe and we do the rest.

The skin pack is already added to the Required files collection, so you can just head there and his subscribe to all to ensure you have everything!

3.3.7 Patch Update

not quite a “partisan doc”

Since our November update we have completed the entire OMSBON – Separate Special Purpose Motorised Rifle Brigade doctrine. We’ve also done a lot of work squishing bugs and introduced a number of quality of life improvements.

So much of what we’ve been able to include in this patch has come from bug reports made using Discord and the bug reporting bot we have over there. Thank you for that! Keep the excellent reports coming.

We’re on track to release the patch before 31/12/2019, which leaves us one final doctrine to build for the Wehrmacht…

Historical Reading – OMSBON

Here are a some links to give you some background to the decisions we made when building this new doctrine. – OMSBON History – Mountain Katyusha – An in-depth study of OMSBON by the US Army (declassified). – The Soviet MacGyver of WWII – Tengiz Shavgulidze

For those of you who utilize moddb to get the mod files, we will be updating the entire collection to their latest versions within 48 hours of the 3.3.7 update going live. If you do find that there is an outdated version of something on moddb please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will make sure it is updated promptly.
Files Link
Last month we had a comment about a request for more information on moddb, we will see what we can do to accommodate this.

Website update

We’re aware that there is some content on the website that is now out of date, we will be looking to update the overall look and feel of the website in 2020, especially once the doctrines are finished we can “lock off” some of the content into a more static state.

Thank you to

Our Patreons – both existing and new this month, we really appreciate your generosity and support.
The Beta Testers – we couldn’t do the amount of testing that you collectively get through, and continue to make Wikinger at the speed we do without you.
Our community members – knowing that you’re out there organizing games and introducing people to our mod is always an encouragement to keep on keeping on.

Signing Out

From all of us at The Wikinger Development Team, we wish you a safe and Happy New Years! We look forward to seeing you all again in 2020.

See you in the Roaring Twenties

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