Wikinger February Update

Hello Wikingers!

It’s been a month since we last updated you, it seems so long since last year was weekly updates! We won’t keep you waiting, we’re going to jump right in….

3.1.8 Patch Progress – US Artillery Doctrine

As of a couple of days ago we have finished the doctrine, we are just putting the finishing touches on the patch, completing a few little tasks we’ve bundled up with this patch – some minor balance tweaks and the likes.

We’ve added the US Artillery Page the the US Faction menu, you can take a look through the tech tree over there and get some ideas as to how the doctrine will play out.

US Artillery Regiment

We’re looking to release the patch this coming weekend, unless one of the beta testers finds any game breaking bugs in the next 2-3 days we will be on schedule for this release date.

We thank you all for your ongoing patience and support over the last two months as we have been building two brand new doctrine from the ground up!

What’s next?

We’re looking at simultaneous development for the next steps forward, we will have one team working with the community on an overall balance patch, and another team working on the first British doctrine.

Balance Patch

This will predominantly be focused around the eight completed doctrines, looking at adjusting over/under-performing units, there will be a series of tech tree and unit roster reshuffles to go with these tech tree changes.  We will also look to add a few new units and abilities in a few doctrines to give them the punch they’re currently lacking.

What does this mean for you?

As a community member we’re relying on your input to help us identify what the main balance issues are within Wikinger, we will be opening up a dedicated balance thread for this patch to allow us to consolidate all the feedback in one place.

If you have a balance issue with Wikinger, you’ll be able to drop it into the forum thread and we will evaluate each piece of feedback and make adjustments where applicable.

The British Forces

The main focus of modding is nowhere near complete yet, we’re going to be working hard on the first British doctrine – the Royal Canadian Artillery – this one wont be a total rebuild from the ground up and therefore will be the fastest doctrine to do, the other reason for choosing this one is that we’re currently in artillery mode off the back of US arty and therefore it makes the most sense to keep moving forward in this mindset.

Once we’ve done the RCA, we have three total rebuilds to do which will be a big job but in all honesty the British really do need some love (and tea).


We have a really awesome community, while we’ve been working away on the 3.1.8 patch we’ve crashed through some really great milestones.


Our busy discord community just blazed past 500 members and are already heading towards 600! What a change from the days when there were more tumbleweeds than there were members, all in all it’s a great place to be, there’s no shortage of games or people to have them with!

Steam Workshop

We finally pushed past 1000 ratings on the Wikinger mod, so a huge thank you to all of you who took a moment to cast a thumbs up our way, we appreciate the support and it means a lot to us.


There’s a fair bit of content out there on YouTube from the 3.1.8 Beta, if you do want to have a look at what is in the new doctrine make sure you head on over and search out the beta footage.  If you’re not one for spoilers then maybe give it a miss and try it out for yourself in a few days.

That’s all for now, we will see you all again in March for balance and British patch updates!

The Wikinger Development Team

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