Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #26

Hello Wikingers!

Welcome to another Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up.

MOD of the Year 2017

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We are aiming to be part of the top 100 mods of 2017 and YOU can help us with that!

Please vote for us!

To do that you only have to create a moddb-account (or log in to your existing one) and give your voice to Wikinger: European Theater of War.


Iron Will Doctrine

The Beta phase is up and running and, since we put our new Beta testing system in place, we have received a lot of quality feedback.

Many thanks to all of our hard working beta testers and of course also to our hard working coders who are working almost around the clock all around the world.

At the moment we are on the 4th beta version, most probably we will have another final bug finding beta to roll out before we start on the finer points of balancing the doctrine.

Some hints on the new doc

It is the by far the hardest Waffen doctrine to play as we have removed some of the key elements of Company of Heroes, of course there is always risk where there is reward.
You’re going to have to take your unit preservation to new levels, and come up with new strategies to prove you have the Iron Will to win!

Content Creators Version

We are looking to give our awesome content creators an early access version in the next week or so.  We are looking forward to presenting you with some high quality Iron Will content soon!


Steam Group

We are expecting to break through the 500 members mark on our steam group!  Thanks to all of you, as most of the new members have been invited by you, our fabulous community – thanks for that.  The more you spread the word the more players we get, more players = more feedback which in turn results in a better mod!


There are three new videos online, thanks to TheWoodstock, TheSuperJew and VinnySOB.

Enjoy watching!


That’s all for now, enjoy playing and prepare yourself for the new doctrine!

The Wikinger Development Team

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