Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #25

Hi Wikingers!

We’ve been chipping away for the last couple of weeks on the early beta’s of patch 3.1.7 – Eisener Wille, we’re almost through the last stages of construction and bug squishing, from there we will enter the pricing and balancing stage before release.

Aside from the new doctrine there have been a whole raft of changes and improvements coming to Wikinger in this next patch.  Some notable changes are as follows:


  • sWS trucks now only spawn one truck, once it is placed the next truck will spawn until all buildings are set.
  • Starting squads are tied to the doctrine selection – common units can be built but you don’t get your free squad until your doctrine has been picked.
  • Further flavoring of doctrines – the Panzer IV F1 is now available to the Verbrannte Erde doctrine exclusively.  VE also gets a 50/50 random beutepanzer now being either the British Firefly or American 76


  • Increased the damage of RPG-6 grenade about 20 %. I increased the damage to have some game logic. With the buff this grenade will have similar value to panzerfaust warhead.
  • Added RPG-6 AT gren assault to the Shock Troops. They will get it after Veterancy 4.

US Forces

  • The Pershing and Pershing Ace have the HVAP/HE/AP switch reworked, also it has been corrected so it will penetrate the Jagdtiger frontally as the M36 Jackson does – this was an oversight on our part.  Thanks to Garry who found this.
  • Increased the scatter area for 75 mm pack howitzer to reduce the accuracy when set to auto fire.

British Forces

  • Corrected the bren gun carrier price from the glider, this was incorrectly set.
  • Fixed 25 pdr howitzer naked. Time of extra entities has been delayed from 1 sec. to 10 seconds to help prevent soldiers from getting stuck on the built entities.


We have done some work to eliminate the double shot exploit that is currently in the game when switching ammunition between the default and specialty rounds.

New Game Mode!

As we have already stated, there’s a new game mode coming to Wikinger: European Theater of War (and COH2 vanilla) when we drop the next patch, it’s called conquest and is a mashup of classic VP and Annihilation modes.

One of our awesome beta testers and content creators VinnySOB has done the first video showcase of Conquest mode for Wikinger and we are very proud to share that with you.


Take the time to head over, give it a watch and leave us your thoughts on conquest – while you’re there Wish VinnySOB a happy birthday too!

Hilarious YouTuber – Czesix 73


Czesiz 73 has made a short series of some funny moments from Wikinger mod, there’s five, here’s the first one, give them all a watch and let him know what you think!

New Developer/Developer Update

The Wikinger Development Team would like to officially welcome RagnarTheGamer as our newest developer of Wikinger mod, he has been helping us behind the scenes with a bunch of stuff in Eisener Wille and has helped speed up the process on a bunch of annoying little issues (looking at you SWS spawn) that have been plaguing Wikinger mod for a while.  We’re really happy to have you as a member of the team and are grateful for all the help you’ve already provided.

Get to know Ragnar.

Olhausen has finally updated his potato to a new laptop which means he can mod more frequently in his downtime, we’ve seen some massive increases in the amount of modding that can be done with the right tools.

All in all this means we should be able to bring you more content, faster!

That’s all for now, we will update you next week.

The Wikinger Development Team



  1. “Olhausen has finally updated his potato to a new laptop which means he can mod more frequently in his downtime, we’ve seen some massive increases in the amount of modding that can be done with the right tools.” :)…

  2. Great work so far m8s. love the monkey. reminds me of when I try to program… though i tend to scream more…

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