Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #23

Hi Wikingers!

It’s been a very busy week for us, we have been chipping away a lot at the new Eisener Wille doctrine and a few other goodies, plus we have some new community initiatives as well!

Patch Progress

3.1.7 – Eisenser Wille (Iron Will)

This is what everyone wants to know! I’m very happy to announce that we are already 50% of the way through the tech tree and have also created most of the supporting units and vehicles to go with it.

We have a change-log up now that outlines the tech tree in its current form and gives some detail as to what else is coming in this patch.  We should be looking to enter the beta testing phase sooner rather than later now, once we have put it to a rigorous test we will make any changes necessary and test again, once we are satisfied we will release it to the public.

New Game Mode

We’re also looking to roll out a new game mode with patch 3.1.7 – we have already put the bones of the game mode in place and will continue to do so throughout the beta testing phase, however we may look to release it in a open beta mode to the wider Wikinger community to get a much wider base of feedback on how to improve and tweak it.

Wikinger Weekly

It’s not the weekly wrap up!

One of our content creators and patreon supporters – Lynusthejok3r has kindly taken it upon himself to create one video highlighting a feature of element of Wikinger and making a short and informative video about it.

The videos are hosted on his YouTube channel and we have a playlist of them on our channel, for simplicity they’re right below!


Tournament Update

Lets clarify something!

We’ve got five pending teams, we need three more to get this tournament underway.  Each of the five pending teams requires one or two members to get them to the required three.

One thing that seems to be an issue is the tournament start time, this is just when the registrations close- once we have everyone registered the matches will be organized so that they’re played at the best time for both teams

If you’d like to join, scroll to the top of the page and hit the join tournament button on the right! If you don’t have anyone to join with head on over to our “tournament match ups” channel on our discord and drop your name in there and we will aim to connect you up with other players.

That’s all for this week,

We will see you next week, or on the battlefields of Wikinger!

The Wikinger Development Team

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