Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #16

Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #16

Hi Wikinger,
this update is mostly not about us or our work, no, it is about you – the great and growing Wikinger community!

Social [Recorday(s)]

Our old record, in terms of site visits per day, of 474 from August ’17 just got destroyed in the past week on September 13th. 618… in words: sixhundredeighteen site visits in just one day.

Maybe you have also noticed that we have some advertisments running – please deactivate your AdBlocker and add our site to the whitelist. We really need income to pay for our fixed monthly rates.


We also crossed the 300 likes border. Thanks for your likes on there.

Some more reviews would be awsome, so if you have some time we would really appreciate if you tell others how much you like Wikinger.

✠Wiking Clan✠

The Wiking Clan is a fun clan for Company of Heroes 2. They are playing vanilla and Wikinger and are open to new members arround the world.

Steam Group link

We set up a public channel on our Discord server for them, so hop in and get connected.

Discord link


It seems like we are getting the attention of more and more youtubers. Sherminator and his friends Bishop and Gonzo are posting real cool videos playing and enjoying our mod, Luigi aka TheWoodstock did a great live stream event on youtube…

Wikinger Media Kit

For our streamers, artists, youtubers and whoever would like to have it, we have gathered some grafics and usefull stuff to bring your videos, streams and artwork to the next level.

Wikinger_MediaKit on Google Drive


3.1.6c Patch

This time we prepared a few things to be ready for the new doctrine.

At the moment we are in the beta testing runs but we can certanly give you some info on what is basically going on…

  1. fixed some errors
  2. handheld anti-tank weapons will now have possibility to inflict some criticals
  3. new veterancy system for tanks and anti-tank guns

3.1.6b Patch

Mostly this has been an update to the infantry, especially the German Fallschirmjäger.


SS elite forces:

  • Added veterancy level 1 by default to SS Falschirmjagers Regiment 6
  • Added facing ability for Raketenwerfer in houses.
  • Removed Assault grenadiers from Luftwaffe doctrine
  • Infantry Truck will spawn soldiers from the truck directly.
  • Removed Sturmpioneers and Freiwilligen infanterie from Luftwaffe doctrine
  • Added Luftwaffe Pioniere to Luftwaffe doctrine
  • Luftwaffe Pioniere: Luftwaffe Pionier are basic combat troops whose primary tasks are building structures, creating or clearing battlefield obstacles, and building advanced anti-aircraft positions

a. One team leader with MP40 and 5 men with Kar98 rifles.

b. Upgrade x5Mp 40

c. Panzerwurfmine AT grenade ability

d. Level 3 unit, cost 210 MP

  • Added new icon & portrait for Luftwaffe AT squad by Starbuck
  • Added new icon & portraits for Luftwaffe Grw 34 by Starbuck
  • Added new icon & portraits for Luftwaffe Pionere by Starbuck
  • Added new icon & portraits for Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager regiment 6 by Cultis
  • Fixed bug Flak 38 indestructible during the construction
  • SS Grenadiers combat gear: Split the gear of SS Grenadiers depending on doctrine. Basic gear LMG 34 and medikits

b. Luftwaffe get Panzerwurfmine

c. Wunderwaffe get Panzerfaust 60

d. Scorched earth get G-43 and rifle accesories

e. Iron Will will get Hafthohlladung (coming soon)


  • Increased the ammo cost for HMG 42 from 40 to 60 in FHQ
  • Reduced the Brummbar accuracy vs infantry 30%
  • Forward HQ:

a. Removed the call in abilities for them .

b. Added Spawner extension, now FHQ will be able to spawn directly from it: grenadiers, AT squad, HMG 42,  pak 184-6r 45mm and Grw34 mortar team.


  • Reduced Sherman 105 accuracy vs infantry 10%
  • Forward HQ:

a. Removed the call in abilities for them .

b. Added Spawner extension, now FHQ will be able to spawn directly from it: riflemen, AT squad (common, airborne and ranger), HMG .50 cal, 57mm AT gun and 60mm mortar.

  • Added new icon for HMG Vickers by Cultis
  • Added new icon for Ranger Scout patrol by Cultis
  • Added new icon for Sniper by Cultis

Soviet army:

  • Reduced KV-2 accuracy vs infantry 20%
  • Forward HQ:

a. Removed the call in abilitity for them

b. Added spawner extension, now FHQ will be able to spawn directly from it: Fusiliers, tank hunger grenadiers, HMG sokolov, M-42 45mm at gun and Pm-41 82mm mortar.


  • Tank traps: all of them will shows up in the Fog of War.

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  1. This has definitely been an amazing week for Wikinger. The new videos are great and the Discord channel is alive like never before. It’s nice to see the mod finally getting the exposure and community it deserves. Keep up the good work guys. Can’t wait until the next doctrine is ready.

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