Wikinger May Update

Hey Wikingers,
another month, another update.

Due to Covid-19 lockdowns, we’re having more time to work on the mod – meaning: We’re making a lot of progress on the very last doctrine, the “Volksgrenadier Division”.

Volksgrenadier Division

The very last doc, Volksgrenadier Division

Most of the details have been shared and discussed with our patreon-supporters, now it’s time to share a few details with you.

Wikinger: European Theater of War

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New units

There will be more, also some ‘never-seen-on-CoH2’ units and animations, a new type of medic station, powerful infantry, one new-technology AT gun and more things to discover.

But we want to share some examples with you in detail.

Rumors have been out for some time now, YES, the Sturmtiger will find it’s way into Wikinger with the very last doctrine.

The 38cm gun will shake the ground and cause devastating havoc among your enemy’s units.

Also the Feldjäger will come to the battleground to make sure there are no ‘Fahnenflüchtige’ who try to escape their duties for the Fatherland.

Fun fact: yes, the Offizier looks very frightened, he might also be picking his nose – lots of room for interpretation 🙂

Feldjäger in Wikinger

historical photo of a Borgward IV with it’s Funklenk StuG III

If you ever thought that a Goliath doesn’t have enough explosive power, then you’ll love this one. 450 kg explosives in an “ok-armored” self-driving mine.

What Starbuck made from it

Panther Ace Franz Bäke

Head over to achtungpanzer to learn a few bits about the newest addition to the Wikinger tank Aces – Franz Bäke was a dentist, just like our head of modding, Olhausen.

sneak peak over a modder’s shoulder

Ever wondered what has to be done for the mod? Take a look over mongalong’s shoulder as he works on some tech tree cards – just one of the many things to do.

working on the tech tree cards

Discord Missions

The first big mission for this year has ended and the wheel of fortune chosed “Tomato Juice” from the successful entries. He won a Steam voucher of 15 US $.

Congratulations to Tomato Juice

There’s already a new mission on, so head over to our discord and try your best – again there will be a 15 US $ Steam voucher chance for the ones who successfully completed the mission.

That’s it for now from our side, stay healthy and keep playing.


  1. Amazing mod!
    At doctrine selection card, It doesn’s show volksgrenadier div’ but ‘coming soon’ ….
    Inspite of this, the doctrine works well.
    How can I fix it?

    • You might have an out of date Win Condition File, maybe try redownloading the mod files?

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