Wikinger May Update

It’s May already and due to a very busy real life (that’s the one you may have beside playing Wikinger) I had to skip the April’s update post – sorry folks.

Modding Status

Generally speaking we are on a very good path, Olhausen is modding very hard and we are confident to fullfill our selfgiven goal to complete all the doctrines before 2020.

modding status

3.3.4 13th Guards Rifle Division “Poltavaskaya”


If you are interested in some historical details, give those links a read.

The Tech-Tree is mostly finished and there will be a Beta this weekend.

tech tree preview

Some Units – Another Sneak Peak

It’s not 100% finalized, and not complete, but here is a list of some interesting units in the upcoming doctrine.

Универсал с ДШК. Universal Carrier with DShK

The Universal Carrier is an armored transport  Good at spotting camouflaged units.

Тяжёлый танк Черчилль. Tyazholyi tank Cherchil’: Churchill Mk. IV Tank

The lumbering Churchill Mk. IV Infantry Tank, often called the ‘Churchill’, has very thick frontal armor and the 75mm main gun offers a good balance against a variety of soft and armored targets.

Джип С ДШК. Dodge WC 51 with DShK

Light transport vehicle with a mounted DShK 1938 12.7mm HMG. Can transport a single infantry squad.

МЗ лёгкий. МЗ lyogkyi: M3 light tank 

The M5A1 Stuart is a light, nimble tank with a 37mm main gun.

Средний танк М4А2. Srednyi tank M4A2 75mm medium tank  

Versatile tank that can fire high explosive and armor piercing rounds, good vs. most targets.

Легкий танк Валентайн 9. Lyogkiy tank Valentine 9: Valentine Mk IX Tank

Effective against infantry and light armor.

ИТ М10. IT M10 Tank Destroyer

The M10 ‘Wolverine’ Tank Destroyer’s 3″ gun has decent armor penetration and its mobility allows it to flank the most heavily armored enemy vehicles.

Штурмовые группы. Shturmovaya gruppa: Storm Group

The Soviet Storm Group traces its heritage back to the “rat war” of Stalingrad. These highly trained assault troops are well equipped for city fighting at close quarters.


Thanks to you all!
You made it happen!

We recently crossed the 1000 members border with our Discord channel!

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed this one and see you online!

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