Wikinger June Update

So yeah, it’s July and we’re just pushing out the June update. We’ve been extremely busy pushing out the latest patch, but we will get to that later.

We’re very sorry. – Mod Spotlight

Wikinger: European Theater of War was the first “Mod Spotlight” for in June, we would like to extend our thanks to Ragnar who pulled the spotlight together and the rest of the editorial staff who polished it up and put it out there for the wider CoH2 community to see. If you’d like to read the mos spotlight, use the link and head on over! Mod Spotlight: Wikinger

Patch 3.3.5

It’s been one of those “head down, bum up” patches, where we’ve pulled together a lot of work into a single patch and not pushed out a ton of information in the interim.

The new patch, brings Wikinger mod to version 3.3.5, and the latest fully developed doctrine is the “Artilleriyskaya Div. Proryva.” aka the Soviet Artillery Division.

In other words, a whole lot of KABOOM!

There is a more detailed preview/changelog on our forum that has a lot more information, link here.

Mod Collaborator – Widerstreit

One of the very exciting developments for Wikinger is the introduction of a new mod collaborator – Widerstreit. He has been working behind the scenes with us creating new and exciting elements for patch 3.3.5 (and beyond). The first of which is the Soviet Anti Tank ditches, uncross-able by anything but the heaviest tanks!

Though suffering some heavy penalties for doing so!

We are very much looking forward to continuing to work with Widerstreit again over the upcoming patches!

We will be adding an updated tech tree to the website in the coming next few days, it will replace the old 51st Artillery Division tech tree on the site.

Bugs Found, Bugs Squashed

One of the other main features of this patch was an intensive bug catching and squishing session. We’ve eliminated a number of bugs that had been hanging around in our reported section for too long, honestly some of them had formed a colony and everything!
If you would like to have a look at the fine specimens that do exist in our collection or add to them, they are located here.

In conjunction with the patch and in an effort to make bug collecting and more importantly bug fixing easier, we implemented a new feature to our discord server – a bug reporting channel that (using discord overly) can be reported in game. Using some internet magic we pull those reports through and they get reviewed and added to our forum bug reports and tracked through closure on discord as well.
We’re sitting on a closure rate of 87.62% of all forum reported bugs resolved as of the time of this post.

Thank You!

Finally, we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to our Patreons, Beta Testers, Content Creators and players – you’re all a huge part of our community and without you there’s not much point in us modding for ourselves. It’s extremely satisfying to know that you out there are getting enjoyment from our humble efforts.

You may notice this updates comes with a new feature image, we’d like to thank Chernobylman for donating his excellent artwork for us to use!

We will feature all of his artwork in a separate blog post!

We’ll have July’s update… in July!
May your temperatures be low, and your frame rates high!

The Wikinger Development Team

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