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Wikinger August Update

Wikinger August Update

Another months (and a week) has passed – time for a new update post.

First of all, I’m sorry to finish this one a bit later then planned; real-life business trips kept me busy for over 2 weeks now.

Guards Armor Devision

The second British doctrine has already entered the beta test phase and will most likely be published this month.

And by the way, to speed up things we already started to work on the 3rd British doctrine.
But that’s another topic we will not discuss for now.

Following a few pics of the new units for the Guards Armor.

So, what intel do you get from it?

  • repair station
  • recovering wrecked tanks
  • new at gun
  • new units

Community Updates

Ragnar decided to leave us and move on to other projects.

I personally liked to work with you and we want to take the opportunity and thank you for the contributions you made to modding CoH2!


Sorry for making this one short… I hopefully can provide a better one next time.

Happy gaming Wikingers,

The Dev-Team



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