Wikinger August Update

Version 3.3.6 is now live… that’s what you’ve all been waiting for, and is the main reason we delayed this update post until this weekend. An update saying, “this is what we just did” is far better than another “soon(tm)”.

Replaces the old “Defensive” doctrine

If you haven’t played it yet, version 3.3.6 brings the final update to the existing Wehrmacht doctrines, and a large secondary overhaul to the Luftwaffe doctrine.


There’s a change-log post accompanying the release, it can be found here. While it doesn’t capture every little detail it does give a very good overview of the majority of the changes and saves this post from being bogged down with detail.

The July update also carries a lot of images showing the many new things in this doctrine.

Finish line in sight

We’re now looking at the last Soviet and Wehrmacht doctrines to be developed, both of these are totally new doctrine builds – all planned out and just have to have the heavy lifting done on them before we can bring those to our community.

Luftwaffe overhaul

Has received a massive overhaul to bring this doctrine into line.

Luftwaffe has been a problematic doctrine, it was our very first and that was way back at the end of 2016, we’ve learned so much since those early days and it was starting to show how much we’ve learned. About half of the tech tree was shuffled around, a stack of new abilities were added.
The Arado has made a comeback, though in a totally new form. In short we’ve taken what we’ve learned since then and dragged the doctrine up to scratch with its 2019 counterparts.

It was too much fun to leave out.

We’ve spent a lot of time on this patch, for a number of reasons – there was a lot of technical modding that had to go into it and we’ve been extensively testing it to ensure that we didn’t introduce any bugs. Admittedly we did miss a couple of things so watch this space for a hot-fix within the next week.

Stability improvement – Game crashes

One of the things we did work on was a removal from the mod, we removed the “dead bodies stay” element from the mod as we found it was creating excessive lag, so you should be finding that from this patch Wikinger runs a lot better than previous versions.

The Desert Fox approves…

We have a special thanks to both SneakEye and Widerstreit who have provided some excellent additions to the mod. SneakEye kindly shared with us his development of the CoH1 style triage mechanic, six recovered casualties and you can spawn a squad. While Widerstreit has continued on with his exceptional defensive structures for the new doctrine.

The Win Condition Pack was overhauled, all of the pricing was removed from the tech tree panels. The tech trees we’re tweaked, all of the files were optimized – shrinking the overall WCP file size by about 4mb. At the request of our ultrawide players we’ve added a 21:9 aspect ratio option as well.

Outside of the modding space there have been some major community overhauls in the last month or so, we’ve themed the discord server to go with the feel of the mod. Incoming members are “Raw Recruits” and once they’ve been active for a little while, they are promoted to “Private”.


Missions, campaigns, ranks and bonuses…

We’ve rolled out a weekly mission on the discord server, each mission has two weeks to be completed and can be evidenced in a single screenshot – we’re already on our third mission now, the first two were gauging interest and seeing how the concept worked – our third is the first in the Wikinger Discord Server Normandy Campaign. Each consecutive mission completed allows for a promotion, for this campaign we are following the 1920-1942 US Army Enlisted Ranks. Further campaigns will see ranks in use from various nations involved.

As members level up through the ranks, the mission challenges have a higher threshold to complete. On top of completing the mission, there can be a bonus objective which awards a “experience star”.

For a mission application to be included on the leader-board it needs to be submitted to the #discord-missions-chat channel.

Make sure you’re subscribed to all of the required files, get in there – play a ton of games! Try the missions out, the community is what gives the game another level of enjoyment.

it’s clickable… click it!

See you on the battlefield soldiers!
Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement,

The Wikinger Development Team