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Wikinger April (Corona) Update

Wikinger April (Corona) Update

Hey Wikingers, it’s April and we finally have a new blog post on how things are going on with Wikinger.

New Patch 3.3.7 D

It’s a hotfix patch, which also comes with some changes, additional units and an enhanced AEA system regarding vehicles and infantry.

SS Freiwilligen Legion “Flandern”

The new unit ‘SS Freiwilligen Legion “Flandern”‘ for the Waffen Doctrine ‘SS Freiwilligen Grenadier Division “Eiserner Wille”‘ comes in as tankriders when you click the random call-in ‘Beutefahrzeuge der KV-Serie’ where you get the KV-2 or the KV-1, which now comes with the additional tank riders – note: the KV-2 does not come with tank riders.

Jedburgh Build able Camp

Playing the British COC you can get the Jedburgh squad via a call-in who can establish a partisan-HQ by turning any unoccupied building into it.
So far so good, but on some maps there are just no (suitable) buildings, and as the COC really needs these additional troops, Starbuck came up with the idea of a build-able camp.
You can either have the camp OR the HQ-House.


Take a look on all of the changes, these can be found in the changelog.

Discord Missions

We have had a few entries for the discord missions we are running, missions are open for another 11 days, don’t forget every successful mission completion gets you in the drawer for a $15USD Steam voucher.

Corona Virus and Effects for Wikinger

As many countries are on lock-down nowadays to avoid further spreading the virus, we highly recommend that you dig at home and fortify against the virus – you can simulate it by using the Wehrmacht’s ‘Statische Infanterie Division “Stellung halten!”‘

Fake news and hoax

However, being serious now. This is a big thing going on right now. We all have the duty to prevent an outcome of this, like it happened many years ago with the Spanish flu.
There are many fake news out there, even Presidents sometimes described this situation as an hoax – but finally came to a better understanding now. As there are so many fake news and rumors and WhatsApp-images, conspiracies and so on, we would like to point out one really trustworthy website where you can inform yourself: The WHO (World Health Organization) has a special sub-site with the latest information and advice.

Most of the Dev-Team are staying at home, having home-office or just use the time to work on the mod. We’re just about to start modding on the VERY LAST doctrine for the Wikinger; the last missing Wehrmacht one will bring some surprises and we are confident to finish it soon(TM).

Discord – The Anderson Shelter

If you are staying at home and just want to hear another humans voice, get connected to others and just talk – helping yourself and others to cope with the social-distancing … We’ve created the ‘Anderson Shelter’ on the official Wikinger Discord.

The Anderson Shelter for reaching out to others.

What the Devs are doing

Starbuck has to stay at home as well and uses his time very good, take a look at his work – absolutely stunning:

original Photo showing a P4 with memorial plate
Starbuck’s adaption for Wikinger
(note: although Olhausen has now his own memorial plate, he’s very much alive 😉 )

What do you think about this?

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