Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #9

Hello Wikingers!

Its another week and we’re here with another update!

It’s been an excellent week for us, we’ve made a lot of ground with the new patch, we’ve tripled the number of people coding and we’re gaining ground on all fronts.

3.1.6 Patch – US Infantry

This is the info that everyone will be most interested in, we’re well into the development of this overhauled doctrine.

Six of the 16 abilities are created and into the tech tree, so at this point we’re one ability behind the old doctrine but that happens when you throw out the old and start fresh!

We’re introducing some new things to Wikinger in this patch that will bring a whole new element to the way this (and some other) doctrines play out.

Starbuck has been very busy completing camouflage bushes for all medium and heavy vehicles in game – we’ve got a discussion going on the forum about what sort of bonuses could be added to vehicles in this mode (it’s not ambush mode).

An excerpt from MeatShieldNZ’s doctrine design proposal:

The historical background for this doctrine will be based around the famous 1st Infantry Division known as “The Big Red 1” & by its motto “duty first!”

This unit will then have attached to it the equally famous 2nd Ranger Battalion as well as other supporting elements like Tank Destroyer Detachments and Supply Corps.

1st Infantry Division – WWII Campaign history:

2nd Ranger Battalion – WWII Campaign History:

Gameplay design: The idea is to create an infantry based doctrine that can use the superior logistics of the AEF to out-produce the enemy through manpower increases and infantry build time reductions. With an emphasis on support weapons, only short range light artillery is available to differentiate it from the Artillery regiment doctrine

The second part of this doctrine will be the Ranger Battalion that will be a much more powerful elite assault based series of infantry units that are a hard counter to an emplaced defensive doctrine.

3.1.6 Patch – Win Condition Pack

As you can see here, our Win Condition Pack will be undergoing a major overhaul in the next release – we’ve added all the groundwork for the upcoming fourth doctrines for each faction.  We’ve tried to put a little Easter egg in the picture to give some clues as to what the doctrine may include.  The doctrines are clickable – but all you’ll get are the basic common units that are shared between each doctrine.


Some of you may be aware that we’ve had a Patreon for a while, some of you may not – we’re not really shouting it out all the time.  What we did want to do though was to extend a big thank you to those who have gotten behind us and send a few dollars our way each month, it really helps us to provide the community with resources like this website and some other wonderful developments we have had planned and are planning.

So once again, from the Wikinger Development Team, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us like this.

Mod DB

We published this article on Mod DB earlier this week, a full blown guide to the Wikinger community. What happened next was just awesome! Moddb shared it to their social media pages and we encountered a huge boost in the majority of our community pages.  If you’re not familiar with moddb, its the other distribution platform we use other than the Steam workshop.

Beta Program

For those of our community who are forum members, there should be a beta coming out next week.  We’ve hit some small hurdles in the development of this doctrine but nothing like what we did with the previous patches! We’re going to need as many people on board testing and giving feedback to get this doctrine out the door and to the wider community as soon as possible!

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” – from Henry V, spoken by King Henry

We would really love to know if the information we provide you each week is helpful, informative or relevant.  If you’d like us to cover different topics or go into more detail please drop us a comment below!

Until next time, enjoy playing Wikinger!


The Wikinger Development Team



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