Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #5

Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #5

Hello Wikingers!

The end of another week and it’s time to report on what has been happening.


Olhausen has had a nice break from modding until his fingers were bloody stumps and has been playing a ton of games with our community members, we’ve recorded a lot of these and put them on youtube so do head on over to our videos page and check them out, please subscribe to our channel and keep up to date with what we are pumping out there.

This community play has been extremely valuable as it has really highlighted again to us what is most important about Wikinger – the players! More than all the things that make Wikinger unique and awesome, if it isn’t fun then what is the point in playing it, if no one is playing why are we modding?  It is with this in mind that we have redoubled our efforts to eliminate a series of frustrations that have been lingering around in the mod and comments sections of the mod!


We’ve made some changes to the game based on feedback and suggestions from some of our players, adjusting the pricing of most MG’s and the MG firing arcs are much closer to their historical counterparts.

Also the KV-2 has had a hold fire button added as requested.


We’ve adjusted the chance to penetrate to correctly represent the small percentage that the max armor takes up on the front of this massive beast, we also upped the cap on the ISU-152 to two vehicles as now, it can deal a lot of damage but correctly takes incoming damage.

Strafing Runs

Olhausen has been working hard over the last few days to overhaul the way strafing runs work against infantry, gone are the days of a squad wipes every time, now cover will affect you both positively (green and yellow) and negatively (red) when you’re on the receiving end of a strafe, also garrisoned infantry will receive a bonus against incoming strafes.

Angle of attack has been improved too, so if you’re on the wrong side of cover, there will be the effect of no cover at all.

AI Tweaks

Along with tweaking planes, we have also tweaked the way the AI behaves around it’s use of abilities – we’ve nerfed the munition income for the easier AI difficulties to discourage them from using planes and artillery every time.


Vehicle Pricing

Is now into it’s third and probably final iteration, we’re down to a few tweaks just to put things into their correct order, after that the only thing left to do will be to determine how we are going to price abilities, we have an idea for aces and veterans to be manpower + fuel x 3 and for others we may add fuel and manpower together.  These prices will come in a following patch quite soon after the one we are currently working on releases, all the work is done it just needs to be implemented and tested.

Doctrine reworks

Once we are done with these tweaks we will be returning to our scheduled doctrine overhauls with the next US doctrine – we’re still weighing up the situation as to which US doctrine will be next, we’re leaning towards the infantry doctrine but we want to make sure this will be the best experience for players.

All going well this patch with the changes listed above will be out before the next weekly wrap up!

See you then and happy gaming!!


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