Wikinger “Weekly” Wrap-Up #21

Hi Wikingers!

So the last two weeks really got away on me, there’s been a lot going on here as Olhausen has been on his annual vacation – so I’ve been doing as much as possible to keep the ball rolling…

Community Run Tournament!

Two of our community members have organized and are running the Wikinger: Operation Winter Storm tournament! It’s a 3v3 Soviets vs Wehrmacht tournament with prizes!


There’s a steam voucher, custom skins and a training session with the tournament organizers up for grabs!  Get yourself and two friends over to the sign up page and get yourselves onto the battlefield!

See all the info here – link

3.1.7 – Eisener Wille Update

The tech tree is well and truly under construction, there’s one completed tree, and a second in development.  Aside from that a lot of other background modding has been taking place to ensure that abilities can be quickly constructed and added into the tech tree.

It’s been fun taking the reins in this capacity but it really makes you appreciate the work that has gone in by Olhausen to date, often it is a case of it being a 50/50 chance of something working or not… then it will weigh 90/10 against you!

Once Olhausen is back we will be getting more development done at a much faster rate as he is FAR more experienced at this than I am!

Community Update

Just a quick update to our ever growing community, we’ve had a large influx of new members in two of our community hubs.  Our steam group has had a great influx thanks to the efforts of LordTyranus inviting many of his friends who play to the Wikinger steam group and it’s been really great to see these people come and join us as members.

Discord! What a fantastic app/service this thing is, it really does an amazing job of getting people connected up, talking and playing games together.  We’ve crashed through the 200 member mark this week and are on our way to the next milestone, it’s a really visible change in the way the community operates – we’ve had to open up some new channels to accommodate the amount of varied discussions that are taking place now.

We’ve got a couple of new clan’s on the rise, just waiting on a few more members to join to get them over the threshold and into active status, it will be great to see these new clans come up and get more clan battles happening.


We will be back to our regular weekly schedule again now!

Enjoy your games!

The Wikinger Development Team

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  1. Well, I have to put in an apology for not writing the weekly update also…
    I’m on a business trip to UK and China (just writing from the UK) and didn’t have a chance to get you updated – sorry for that.
    I was planning to play a few games as well, took my laptop with me, but unfortunately (or luckily) every evening was filled with meetings with customers and lots of English beers. I’m really looking forward to get some decent games running with you in a few weeks when I’ll be back home.

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