Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #20

Hi Wikingers!

It’s been a very quiet week for us, we rolled out the 3.1.6 D patch, got through a Relic patch with no issues and have a few milestones!

3.1.6 D – Released!

As we said, with no major issues we would be rolling out the last rapid patch this week and we did.  We’ve had overall very positive feedback on it with only a few minor issues to look at, nothing major or game breaking so we will roll these out with 3.1.7.

We pushed out the updated by a day to ensure there were no issues with the latest patch from Relic, but as far as we could tell there were no issues caused which is always nice – thanks Relic 🙂

All channels have been updated with the latest files on both the steam workshop and moddb.

3.1.7 – Eisener Wille

We’ve rolled out some of the new UI already for the new doctrine, it’s shaping up nicely and we are getting into the heavy coding of the new doctrine this week. This part is one of the most time consuming (and easiest to get wrong).  Once this part is all functioning correctly we can start to fill in the gaps and flesh out the doctrine.

We’re looking forward to being able to share this brand new doctrine with you all!


Wikinger: European Theater of War turns TWO in two days! It’s been a long road to get to this point, we’ve rolled out 43 patches in that time (on average one every 17 days!).  We have an even longer road ahead but we are well on the way.

Another important date is the birthday of our mod leader, Olhausen Kraus, on behalf of the development team and the Wikinger community, we wish you a happy birthday and an enjoyable vacation.

That’s all for this week, we will have another update in a week!

Until then, enjoy Wikinger!

The Wikinger Development Team


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