Wikinger – Weekly Wrap Up #2

Wikinger – Weekly Wrap Up #2

Firstly, I really need to get a firmer grasp of what “weekly” means – apologies for that, in future I will try and keep these updates at a maximum one week apart.

Wikinger Mod Update

Since the previous update we have released 3.1.5 beta version E and are working on version F for release at the moment.  We are nearing completion with many of the last stages nearing completion.

Version E was predominantly an art update for the mod, all of the new icons and portraits created by Starbuck were implemented into this build, and a few minor values adjustments but predominantly this build of the beta was to roll out the new artwork.

While not making a difference to the gameplay, these new icons, portraits etc have added yet another layer of quality workmanship from Stabuck to the Wikinger mod.

I recently played through version F of the beta, before it is released, one of the main adjustments here is the completion of the artillery rework for the other factions.  One of the main areas of this artillery rework was to remove the “point and click” elements of artillery that were quite predominant in both CoH2 and Wikinger up to this point.  From now on, a spotter unit will be required to utilize the off map artillery barrages, further moving the artillery into the realm of historical realism.

The final part of this rework that will have all the comp-stompers running around yelling with excitement is that with the AI also having to utilize spotters to drop artillery on you, it has removed the arty of doom that we have been dealing with up until this point.  In short, the AI will behave more like a human opponent.



Wikinger Win Condition Pack Update

We’re rolling out another game mode for Wikinger, it’s been asked for in the past and we’ve finally got to implementing it, double resource income mode! Again – comp-stompers rejoice!!

It is a high zoom only mode for now, annihilation, 500 pop cap and all resources accrue at double the rate of the standard game!! We have more game modes planned but we will roll these out in time, we also may look at making this game mode available for the low zoom mode if it doesn’t end up being to taxing on system resources.

Wikinger Skin Pack Updates

Starbuck has also rolled out updates for both the Wehrmacht and US faction skinpacks, as we have moved some vehicles around we have had to move some of the skins around also.  Also he has implemented some new skins for some of the new units and call ins etc.


We’re nearing release date, there are a few more things to complete but as each day passes the to do list gets smaller and smaller!  We should start to have a pretty well-defined idea of when release day is in the near future!


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  1. this is the update that will bring me back into the game
    I have had it up to *here* with BS arty. thanks a bunch guys.

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