Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #18

Hello again!!

AI Tournament Winner Announcement!

Out of our original seven entrants, we had one withdrawal, three non-entries and three successful entries.

The AI Time Trial winner is:…

mor_juliet with a total time of 39 minutes 45 seconds, followed by dogmitry and VinnySOB.

Thanks to all our entrants, it was a great first tournament and we learned a lot about running a tournament!

Patch Progress

3.1.6D is going to beta this weekend, we’ve taken a lot of feedback on board from many of our players both new and old, we’re doing a lot of work to reign in the US plane spam, and also the various factions killer artillery strikes.  It should make for a much more well rounded AI opponent and an overall more fun experience with AI allies and enemies.

Read the full changelog here

We’re aiming to have this released within the next 5-7 days, once we release there will be no more patches until 3.1.7 – Eisener Wille releases.


Bit of a quiter week on YouTube this week, we’ve had a stream of new content and we’d like to highlight a really close 250 VP game against the AI by Mr. Hyder, it is a great watch as it really comes down to the wire!


Mr. Hyder has a small YouTube channel and we’re really looking forward to watching his channel grow!  We’re really happy to get behind a YouTuber in their early stages as we’re grateful for all the support we’ve been given by many YouTube channels.


Lynusthejok3r is hosting an 18 hour Wikinger: European Theater of War marathon this weekend!

Head on over to his channel – leave a comment, say hi and if possible jump on into his games! He’s on our discord so you’ll be able to make full use of that if you join our channel!


That’s all for this week,

See you all next week for another Wrap Up, and all going well another patch too!

Enjoy a weekend of gaming and fun,

The Wikinger Development Team


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