Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #15

“The re-deux”

On the development front this past week can be summed up with everything that we did in the previous week, we found a little bug that slipped through the cracks, which meant that seven days of work had to be deleted and redone.


As you know last week we highlighted the new video from The Shermanator and friends, in the last week it has been viewed over 60,000 times! We’ve seen a huge spike in our player base over this past week.  Since then, Bishop, Gonzo and Shermanator have all uploaded their play though of an epic comp stomp on the Acheleous river map!


Enjoy the many new YouTube videos from our newest YouTube friends!

We would also like to welcome “The Woodstock” and “unbearableman” who have also begun to upload Wikinger games, we look forward to supporting them as well in the near future!

Steam Group

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to those of our members who have been inviting their friends to join our steam group, it is a central hub for us and it is really vital to help us grow as a community of gamers!


Due to the increase in players and traffic we made the decision to move our website to a new dedicated server, this should decrease the load times and provide a faster and overall more stable experience for those of you who visit our website.

This is made possible by the generous support of our Patreon supporters and the little adverts on our sidebar, if you could disable adblock for our site it would go a long way to helping cover operating costs etc.

We should have far more exciting news next time, sadly having to go back and do all our work again makes for a rather boring weekly wrap up.

So, I will leave a sneak peek of a vehicle skin for the new Eisener Wille doctrine!

Until next time!

The Wikinger Development Team


  1. I still think one of the STUGs for Falls Doc has a cost that is like 397 manpower and 97 fuel, or something like that, etc. Not rounded to nearest 5.

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