Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #13

Hello Wikingers!

We’ve been working away all week, releasing beta patches almost daily in an effort to iron out all the issues that were raised in the days before we planned to release patch 3.1.6 last week.

3.1.6 – US Infantry Division

Status: Released

This is a really significant patch for us, this is the last of the original US doctrines we were overhauling, combined with 3.1.5 being the last Waffen doctrine – it means that the old doctrines are overhauled and we can begin with the two shiny new doctrine builds!

For you, the players it means a far more complete and well rounded set of factions to play with and against.

Notable changes

Win Condition Pack

all factions now have their fourth doctrine and ability placeholders.

Tuning Pack

Biggest changes are of course the new US doctrine, introducing the Rangers…

… and the overhauled Werhmacht AI which proved to be faulty – now it is as deadly as the other dcotrines’ AI.

  • US Infantry Doctrine overhaul complete
  • New US Rifleman weapon loadouts
  • New Wehrmacht AI – now behaves in line with the other factions
  • More logical UI for units
  • Quickly recognisable unit build UI
  • Simplified unit selection groups
  • Infantry Speed rework
    • Crewed weapons get
    • Base speed 2.8m/s (default is 3m/s)
    • Speed increases on veterancy – up to vet 3
    • Overhauled sprint ability
      • Has exhaustion de-buff
      • More realistic speed and duration
  • Group abilities
    • Sprint
    • Prone
    • Grenades

See the full changelog here:

VinnySOB made a nice youtube video to show you the new US infantry doctrines’ tech-tree…

Community Update

We got our 100st forum user amongst our midst now. Let’s say “Hello” to kera_ak.

So, what’s next?

Well as stated we’re already chipping away at the next two doctrines, all laid out and some very early development is underway.  We will look at releasing one (possibly two) rapid patches in between now and the release of 3.1.7 – as we have some further AI tweaks and some other small polishing tasks to do.

Our first AI beta patch goes live in a few hours, we’ve got some really exciting things coming with this planned patch.


We will keep you posted as we proceed!

Enjoy the new doctrine!

The Wikinger Development Team

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