Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #12

Wow! What a week,

we thought we were so close to releasing a new patch but after some very scathing and constructive feedback from our community beta testers we have had to push our release out a week to make sure we can rectify the issues raised by our players.

As a result I’ve had to totally re-write this weekly wrap up from the one I had planned (something along the lines of “new patch woohoo”)

Infantry Speed

This is one of the most contentious issues that we introduced – it’s a multi stage process that we are looking to implement, currently both in vanilla and Wikinger the infantry foot speed is set to three meters a second, that is quite a bit faster than the standard military foot speed and almost double that of the average running pace.

We dropped it from three to two meters a second, the idea is to have speed increase incrementally as veterancy goes up.  What we didn’t factor in was how unmaneauverable it would make weapons like anti-tank weapons, they became sitting ducks.

  • All infantry speed reduced from 3 m/s to 2 m/s
  • All light/medium support weapons speeds reduced from 3 m/s to 2 m/s
  • All heavy support, AT and mobile artillery weapons speeds reduced from 3 m/s to 1.8 m/s

Smaller Bugs/Improvements

We’ve also introduced some quality of life improvements to the game, not major things but removing some issues that were in the game and had been for a while.

  • All factions have a max CP set to 99 from 32, this is to eliminate the rolling visual and audio cues when the tech tree is fully unlocked each time the CP counter rolls around.
  • All tech tree panels for Waffen and US have been updated to remove the costs, this sets us up to not have to redo the panels each time we make any small changes to the pricing etc.

Build and reinforcement times for infantry have been increased to remove the ability to spam out elite units over regular troops, it should be far more difficult to field a large force of elite soldiers than it is to field regular troops and vet them up through combat.

To go with this, we are also addressing ability recharge times, some of these are too short and it results in valuable units being able to be thrown away with no penalty for reckless play.

3.1.6 US Infantry Doctrine


At this point, we’re going to be knuckling down and re-addressing some of the ideas we had based on the feedback we’ve received and will be making some adjustments to the US Infantry Doctrine in collaboration with those members of our vital beta testing team.


Until you hear from us again, we will be working hard to bring you another spectacular Wikinger doctrine.

Meanwhile to shorten the time of waiting: some videos:
(keep in mind, some of the shown features may be tweaked)

The Wikinger Development Team

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