Wikinger – Weekly Update #4

Wikinger – Weekly Update #4

Hello Wikingers!

There is not much to tell regarding updates this time, but at least we wanted to stick to our weekly reporting…

3.1.5 patch is public and we all had some nice games already. As this update was very massive by including the artillery rework in it, we needed some time to rest and enjoy the mod ourselves. Especially Olhausen has put a lot of effort into that update and needed kind of a holiday from modding.

We got some really nice motivating feedback, hopefully comments like this will be dropping in from time to time – thanks to InQuistion for those kind words!

Wikinger – 3.1.6 patch

Soon we will begin with the modding for the next doctrine overhaul, this time US-Forces again (details to follow).

We are also looking into airplane bombs. It is the next logical step after the artillery rework.

Mongalong also had a play with the vehicle pricing system (details to follow) which already got some feedback from our beta-testers.


… you could watch some youtube videos – don’t forget to subscribe to our chanel if you haven’t already.




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