Wikinger – Weekly Update #3 – 3.1.5 out now

Hello Wikingers!

First off, a success – this update rolls out exactly one week after the previous one!

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last three months, you will have been more than aware that we have been working on patch 3.1.5 – originally the Scorched Earth to Verbrannte Erde doctrine overhaul patch, that grew into an artillery overhaul and then into a spotter/recon and sniper overhaul patch.

3.1.5 patch live! Verbrannte Erde

Anyway – the point of this is to say the highlight of this week has been the release of this patch!

As of the time of writing the current patch version for both the tuning and win condition packs are 3.1.5.

If your STEAM Workshop doesn’t update the files, you can go to and download it manually.

Download Wikinger European Theater of War – Mod DB

Download Wikinger Win Condition Pack – Mod DB

So where to from here?

Tomorrow we start a slight break in the trend of doctrine reworks, we need to roll out a series of small patches in rapid succession to bring some elements of the game into line with the work that has been done previously.

Vehicle Pricing

First off is the vehicle pricing and build time adjustments, this has been hanging around since 28/12/16 and we’ve been doing a lot of work on spreadsheets and a few experimental betas to test the pricing etc.  We’re going to be bringing these values first to our beta testers and then to the live version of Wikinger.

This will be the culmination of the two armor rework patches in 2016, bringing the pricing into line with the values that have been adjusted and refined over the last few patches.

ISU-152 Armor Bug

After that we will be looking to fix the accursed ISU-152 armor error, we need to correct the % to penetrate of it’s max armor value as it represents a very small % of the total front armor.

AI Rework

Finally we will be doing further work on the AI in Wikinger, we have already made some significant changes in this patch, however once we adjust the vehicle pricing we may need to address how the AI behaves with those new values.


That’s all for now, besides you all should be playing the new patch, not reading about it!

See you next week, beta testers, will keep you updated in the coming days with a new build!


What do you think about this?