Welcome to the very first post on our brand new website and forum!

This is the first step in centralizing all our content into one place, from here you will be able to access all of our content and various social media platforms, as we progress we will continue to develop this website further.

Coinciding with our new website launch is the long awaited beta release of our next patch, 3.1.5, developing the old scorched earth doctrine into the SS Panzer Artillerie Regiment – “Verbrannte Erde” – you can preview the 16 ability tech tree here.

The plan from here is to run a thorough beta test with our community members, fix any bugs, release the patch to the community at large and immediately start working on a couple of smaller 3.1.5 sub-patches to address some of the more pressing matters that are an issue at the moment, ISU-152 armor bug, armor pricing and build time adjustments and the notorious AI to name a few.

Once we are done with those we will again recommence the doctrine overhauls, with the next US doctrine to be reworked.

In the spirit of the next patch to be launched, we leave you this picture of a Sd.Kfz. 165 “Hummel” in Russia 1944.


  1. Hello Wikingers Team! Great site, I really like the Shade of grey effects….! It makes it very much WW2 news like. Thank you for the great work.

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