Wikinger Weekly Wrap Up #10

Hello Wikingers!

We’re here again, It’s been a week of chipping away at tasks, there’s a lot of elements that need to be created for each doctrine, both in the mod and the game mode – the tech tree alone has a lot of components to it!

3.1.6 Patch Update

US Infantry Doctrine

This week has been slow going, we’ve been working on completing the first 10 abilities, which leaves us with a final six to complete.  We’ve been doing some internal alpha tests and this doctrine has a lot of really great things in the works.  This patch totally changes the way the US AI plays as they lose their point and click artillery barrages (these were the last of them left in game from the last patch as we didn’t want to double handle them).

Read the whole change-log here!

3.1.6 Beta

We had hoped to gave a beta out this week, unfortunately we weren’t able to do that – we’re pretty close now to having it ready for its first beta build and from that point on it will be rapid progress to release!

US Infantry Tech Tree

Take a look at the US tech tree – we haven’t quite finished all the panels that make it up yet but the layout and text is there.

US Infantry Division Tech Tree

UI/UX Improvements

We’re super aware of the fact that we need to make the user interface and experience as simple as possible with Wikinger – players don’t need any extra confusion in the middle of an epic battle to slow them down. With this in mind we’ve made some changes across the board to simplify some confusion with similar units in the build menu – again the change log has more detail.

We’ve also gone through and re-done our doctrine icons to reflect their new reworked states or to bring them into line with the reworked doctrines – some of these are set, others are just in position until they are replaced.


  • New Doctrine icons:   
  • Engineers: Changed name of unarmed “Engineers” to “Construction Engineers”. Build icon and symbol now match. Old icon/symbol: is now:
  • Sappers: Build icon and symbol now match. Old icon/symbol: is now:


  • New Doctrine icons: 
  • Pioneers: Changed name of unarmed “Pioneers” to “Bautrupp”. Build icon and symbol now match. Old icon/symbol: is now:
  • Infantry Pioneers: Changed name of armed “Infantry Pioneers” to “Pioniertrupp”. Build icon and symbol now match. Old icon/symbol: is now:


  • New Doctrine icons:  
  • 82nd Airborne Engineers can now build sandbags. – Thanks to VinnySOB for pointing this one out to us!
  • AT squad symbol changed. Old icon/symbol:is now: . This change is due to the incoming Rangers to the new doctrine.


  • New Doctrine icons: 


  • New Doctrine icons: 


Steam Group

One of the biggest changes this week is the decision by steam to change the way group invites work, no longer can anyone invite people to the Wikinger group – they have to be added by a friend.  We’re going to be relying heavily on our community now to bolster our largest community – the steam group.

Read the Steam announcement here.


Until next time!

The Wikinger Development Team



  1. Great stuff Mongalong!
    A big thank you to you and Starbuck for your amazing artwork, the visual improvements are so important for immersion. Also thanks to our German teammate Lorarius for helping us to get the translations correct finally!

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