Website Update

Website Update

Hello Wikingers!

Every now and then we will inform you about more or less major updates and changes on the website.

Meet the Mod Team

Maybe you are wondering who is behind Wikinger: European Theater of War?
Many of you have at least one Wikinger team member in the Steam friendslist or met us on discord… But in case you want to get to know the whole team – we’ve set up some pages in the about us section of the website.

Many thanks to everyone helping us, also to the ones we didn’t mention – every help, and may it be tiny, is much appreciated.

Log In Panel

Some forum members might have wondered where that Log In panel went? Well, it was only showing up when you were NOT logged in. Once you logged in it was hidden and gave space to the other things on the right side menu.

BUT, I totally forgot about the Log-Out-ability which normal users will loose by hiding that “Log In” panel. So that’s why we don’t hide it any more.
I’m sorry if I created some problems, but I got a good excuse for that 🙂
For team members there is an additional menu which also offers an additional “Log Out” function…


We are planing to set up one or maybe two small google adds to generate some needed income to pay for this side, to keep the forum running and pay for several other things. So if you want to support us, please whitelist the whole Wikinger website and turn off your add-blocker.

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