Sniper Overhaul – 3.1.5 patch onwards

Snipers in the vanilla are quite bland and simply run around firing on the move like some kind of Rambo. We want snipers to play their more historical role of stealthy long-range killers who survive through field-craft and camouflage but are very vulnerable if caught in the open.

Historical Optics – Each faction will only have access to optics that were used historically in WW2 with the most common being around 3.5-4x magnification. Magnification is what decides how far a sniper can see but is not the only factor in a scope. The other important factor is Field of View which is how wide the scope picture is when aiming. As magnification increases your Field of view will become more and more narrow. Some nations will have multiple optics choices so the player will have to decide what they prefer, longer range with a narrow view and the risk of being flanked or shorter range with a wider field of view.

Some Examples: Here is what the “Verbrannte Erde” SS Scharfschütze (sniper) can choose from when upgrading his rifle and optics.

Mauser K98K with Model 41(ZF41) scope. 1.5x magnification. Only slightly longer range than regular infantry, accurate with a very wide Field of View.

Walther G43 semi automatic with Voigtländer Modell 4(ZF4) sight. 4x magnification Semi auto. Faster ROF but with lower accuracy.

Mauser K98k with Zeiss ZF42 scope. 6x magnification Bolt action. Slow ROF but more accurate and longer range. Very narrow Field of View.

In Game Mechanics – Snipers will no longer auto fire while moving, you must position your sniper in the required location and then activate their optics. The sniper will then conceal themselves and start scanning for targets within their scope sight radius. Your sniper will improve as they vet up with faster target acquisition and better accuracy to become a lethal weapon in your arsenal.

Beta – The first version of our sniper rework is now out with the SS Panzer Artillerie Doctrine for our beta testers to try. Please note that this is very much a work in progress but I’m confident you will enjoy the changes and the uniqueness that snipers in Wikinger mod will bring to the game.

Pre Beta Screenshot. Shows the Magnification and FOV.

US – Springfield M1903A4 Bolt Action rifle with M73B1 scope. 2.2x magnification

Brits – Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mark 1(T) bolt-action rifle with No.32 MkII scope. 3.5x magnification. (also has a separate spotting scope 12x magnification)

Soviets – Mosin-Nagant M91/30 bolt-action rifle with either PU scope 3.5x or PE scope 4x magnification.

Tokarev M1940 SVT semi auto with PU scope 3.5x magnification.

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