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  • Wikinger May Update

    Wikinger May Update

    Hey Wikingers,another month, another update. Due to Covid-19 lockdowns, we’re having more time to work on the mod – meaning: We’re making a lot of progress on the very last doctrine, the “Volksgrenadier Division”. The very last doc, Volksgrenadier Division Most of the details have been shared and discussed with our patreon-supporters, now it’s time […]

  • Wikinger April (Corona) Update

    Wikinger April (Corona) Update

    Hey Wikingers, it’s April and we finally have a new blog post on how things are going on with Wikinger. New Patch 3.3.7 D It’s a hotfix patch, which also comes with some changes, additional units and an enhanced AEA system regarding vehicles and infantry.

  • Discord Missions

    Discord Missions

    Hi Wikingers! So we’re just about to launch our fourth mission, the second Operation Overlord campaign mission. You may have seen people getting tagged and promoted up ranks in the discord server. When we started this we were really experimenting with the idea and had a vague idea as to where it might go (or […]