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      First off – best MOD in town, by a very long way! Hence really hoping someone can point me into the right direction here so I can finally try out 3.3.9 after a disappointing couple of days trying to play. My problem’s as follows:

      Version 3.3.9 simply isn’t synching on my iMac (latest opsys/steam etc) although claimed to have updated. I’ve unsubscribed and re-subscribed multiple times. Result – 3.3.8 remained playable in game.

      I then deleted all items through the in game mod hub (which shows all are unsubscribed). Result: Version 3.3.8 however remains somehow on my machine and is playable if I want to host a game.

      Last measure to date: I’ve now completely unsubscribed from ALL wikinger files in steam to give it a full reset. BUT 3.3.8 remains playable if I want to host a game.

      Definitely feels like Wikinger wants me to play and I’d love to but need to get it to 3.3.9 somehow.

      Grateful for any help here.


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      Hi there, first off I must say, I am no expert on file systems with macs etc.

      You’re going to need to locate the original files inside the Mac directory, from there you’re going to need to manually delete them.

      After that, head to the Wikinger collection and subscribe to everything, head to the modding hub and refresh and just leave it to download.

      That should fix it.  Also, join our discord if you havent already as we have some Mac users there who may be able to provide more detailed help.

      Troubleshooting Workshop Files Guide


      Hope this helps!

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      hey h4dr14n,

      do you have discord? join the wikinger discord and connect with a player named aurelio.

      he is a mac user as well, so 1st he might be able to help you in a more mac-related way, 2nd – if he is sucessful – you have another mac user to play with


      please let us know the outcome of this so that we can close this topic and have a hint for the next time this problem occurs.

      thanks in advance!

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