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      This Doctrine Guide is outdated! The Wunderwaffe doctrine saw a total rework and untill this guide gets one too, information on the doctrine is best found on the Discord. I might make a guide for the current version of the doctrine someday. That said, this guide used the Wunderwaffe doctrine kind of as an example for every other doctrine because at the time, it included basically every type of unit in the game.

      <h1>Wunderwaffe Guide</h1>
      One of my favourite doctrines, Wunderwaffe, is an assault minded doctrine with a focus on superiour firepower and training. A lot of the tactics that will apply here will apply to waffen at large because you will make a lot of use of basic faction units to supplement your core of elites. Because you get doctrine tech points for things killing enemies, it won’t be hard to get a pretty good amount if you use your units well, because that is just what they are good at.
      <h2>Here is a list of units that will be of great use:</h2>
      mg34 – it is not a mz40 and it will never get that optic, but that doesn’t matter, because while it will never be as good, it is still damn impressive early game and vital, because the doctrine will gear up to be heavily assault focused the mg34 will provide a good early protection against counter pushes and can be used rather offensively when given back-up which could actually be a necessity early on

      Freiwillige – chaff, meatshields, cannonfodder, they are great for this and if you ever need a distraction, these are the guys to use. Great little guys. Also, you can let them provide smokescreen at great range, which is always nice when used well.

      Grenadiers – what you use early on and what you likely wont use later on unless you really need a few carbines on the field(it happens(snipers will gear up to be better for this))

      You will want to rush for the medical HQ, there is no question here, this is a fact. Sure, sometimes building an early kubel will make you get to it quicker(it can make a big difference!) and trucks can give dirt cheap reinforcements on the field, but in the end, this is your goal, you want it and you want it now, because it gives you the most valuable unit:

      The Assault Troopers – They get assault weaponry which tears enemies to shreds at close range(remember, sprinting means they can’t walk and fire at the same time, so do not sprint when advancing on the enemy, only when advancing on cover(or tanks with a faust)! Play around with this to find out how exactly it works) To help with this they get one of the most useful abilities in the game, smoke grenades. They can really shape the battlefield by blinding some units. Throw this on a mg, cap a point and get within 5 meters and once it clears it won’t be the mg that wins the battle!

      502nd Jägers – They are great, I’d go for them. Always.(unless you really REALLY need something else) They are exactly what it says on the tin. Raiders. Hunters. You can use them defensively, sure and they will do great, since they have camouflage, but they are great for finding isolated enemies and eliminating them. Use them with other units(or allies!) where the others distract the enemies and the jagers get up behind and slaughter anything, be it person, emplacement or vehicle(although vehicles can survive, but rarely without a scratch once you get the panzerfaust 150). The worst thing to do with them is waste them, and having them sit around in a place that isn’t even attacked is a big waste. The infrared scope makes them do well at great range and on people in cover, however, sometimes munitions are better spent on abilities(like grenades)

      Officer – Officers are useful, they can speed up construction, send away useless troops, cap points, oversee mz40s, oversee mg34s. You can use them for charges but I find that with this doctrine often it isn’t really needed to bring them along to the front, but it helps and them giving the order to attack will always help a lot.

      mg42 – Just better than the mg34, once you get the mz40 infrared scope(which can often be after you get out tanks and tanks which tend to take priority) they will slaughter enemies at supreme range and precision. Great units, but still HMGs, so don’t get too cocky. Also the mz40 is a bit costy on munitions and sometimes other options are plain better.
      <h2>A word about light vehicles, reinforcements and healing:</h2>
      Medic halftracks are great for every doctrine and every faction, since they make the time spent recouping losses much shorter, although sometimes(especially on urban maps) they can be replaced early on by trucks and medics and sometimes(especially when you are feeling confident) you can use the medical HQ instead(watch out though, it takes only 2 delayed HE barrages or a single satchel to destroy a HQ and it is a greater loss and can’t even run away)

      Mortar halftracks are great when you need to kill something at range, it happens often but not always. They are also great when you need a smoke screen. They tend to amplify defenses(just like snipers would) by firing on units that are surpressed. Use them when you need them.

      The luchs is good against infantry and can be good scouting but that is kind of where that ends

      The open-top halftrack is good when you know for a fact the enemy has no anti tank weaponry or when you need to quickly get infantry in place(it happens!)
      <h2>Heavy vehicles:</h2>
      Typically, I like to not spend manpower if I don’t need to(which isn’t always the case!), it keeps your manpower income larger and it lets you have a dream(a dream of king tigers), however, sometimes you just need a tank. Sometimes you just want a tank. Sometimes you have so much fuel you just think “Well I better build a tank.” Lucky for you, you got tanks, good tanks.

      The Panzer IV – Not the greatest, but the most affordable. It does pretty well at killing enemy MGs(or whatever pesky buggers they put in their buildings) and can hold off enemy assaults or respond quickly to threats, but it is generally not as good as your assault troopers or your bigger tanks. Still, a good mid-range buy. Sometimes the only one you got unlocked.

      Ostwind – It kills air, it can kill infantry(but infantry can kill it with the right tools), what else do you need to know? Best when the enemy uses abilities that have airplanes stay for a bit rather than just fly over and fly away.

      The Tiger – Great against tanks. Abuse supreme range and supreme firepower for best results and keep a tab on the enemy so they don’t pull anything sneaky. It is not fast, but it is great if you have some good units to watch its back as it will slowly crush everything

      The Panther – Kind of a discount Tiger, but that isn’t a bad thing. Tends to be speedier, however, so if you want to use flanking tactics, use this(but dont be reckless).

      The King Tiger – More range, more gun, the same lack of a second gear, don’t run this thing into the enemy, learn to be content with picking them off at range. It isn’t worth losing just to get this tank and the same can be said for the regular Tiger(or any vehicle, for that matter). You will generally find yourself using this if you are winning(or stalemated) with 2000 manpower to spare somehow(probably the reason why you are stalemated) and it can end this problem.
      <h3>Tank Support</h3>
      A word on tank support – Vehicle crews do OK at this, since they have assault weapons they will often win from tank hunters(which is extremely amusing to me), but assault troopers are great at this, as they will slaughter any tank hunters that try to kill your tanks and you can get them fausts and use smoke grenades. SturmPioniers will also work and have the benefit of being able to repair your tank if it gets hurt. Support your tanks, don’t have them bazooka’d in the back and die. Your tanks tend to expensive, unless they are PIVs

      A word on the PIV early model: Good for when the enemy has no tanks whatsoever in an area.
      A word on the the halftracks: Good for when the enemy has no anti tank whatsoever in an area.
      <h3>A word on doctrinal abilities:</h3>
      I already talked about the MZ40, the 502nd Jager and all of the tanks, but the other abilities tend to have their use.

      The propaganda tends to surpress and do a bit of damage, not great, but it is cheap, it is spammable, has a large area of effect and it is a good begin to an attack. It wont kill anyone, it won’t force a retreat, use it as an opener to the actual assault.

      The big bomb/rocket are mostly for when you absolutely need to kill something and that is when you use them(otherwise it is a waste, but I have killed pershings with the rocket :^) )

      The veterancy ability is great if you have munitions to spare(don’t use it willy nilly, munitions are valuable – they are bundle grenades, they are smoke grenades, they are 502nd jager infrared rifles, they are panzerfausts).

      Previtin is great when you just need that extra push to slaughter everything.

      infrared halftrack explains itself, you use it when you want a good look at the enemy, which can be invaluable, because your Jagers are awesome at exploiting weak points.

      The Panther scopes … I have to use them more, they give you better range and better accuracy and make panthers a little less discount tiger and a little more “faster but less armoured” tiger, I guess.

      The Panzerfaust 150 is great, use it, use a big tank afterwards, always works.

      The Goliath is a strange bugger, it is the only vehicle I know that gets camouflage from cover. As long as it stays in cover, it stays camouflaged, move it through cover and it can just run up to enemies, but if there is no cover to move it through it is just about a mine that requires 20 times the micro to use properly

      The Elite Sniper is great for when you need a sniper and great for when you need a second sniper. A little less good if all you need is Intel, but if you need to kill the enemy at supreme range or suppress them before an assault(very powerful), they are great.
      Remember, since your defensive actions are mostly to prepare against counterpushes, since you yourself will mostly stay on the offensive.

      Mines are great when you have munitions to spare(typically use mines instead of mgs, trading off munitions for manpower and risk)

      Tank traps and razorwire can be great, but they tend to funnel your own advances and you are a very agressive doctrine.

      You can use  mg emplacements but almost(almost!) always are munitions better spent elsewhere, just like the manpower that can be spent on caches can be spent elsewhere.

      I believe that was all.

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      Oh, and before I forget:

      Tankhunters are good against enemy tanks especially if you can get them behind them, it is just that they tend to be overshadowed by most of the tanks and the panzerfausts that I forgot to mention them, but that doesn’t mean they are useless!

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      I’ve been sick, I will revise this guide 10/07 in regards to layout, others things, etc. So if you spot something tell me on discord now.

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      Thank you very much for this guide Nyvre. A very useful tool (at least for me). I was looking for a guide on “How to” for Wikinger……

      Merci again for sharing your expertise. 😛

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