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      (“Wir werden Sieger, durch unseren Tiger” – We will be victorious, thanks to our Tigers)


      • Posses the best infantry squad in the game
      • Terrifying late game in the form of heavy armor
      • Map hacks
      • Interesting upgrades that keep units relevant
      • Infantry can “punch above their weight”


      • Extremely unforgiving to play
      • Key units cost ungodly amounts of manpower
      • No off map support until late game
      • Finicky support options
      • Gimmicky and unorthodox tech tree.

      Key Units:

      • SS Jagerotte
      • “Uhu”
      • “Big Cats” (Panther, Tiger, Tiger II)
      • PaK 40/Panzer IV/Both

      SS Jägerrotte

      The reason you will survive to endgame. Armed with StG’s with infrared scopes… and possibly aim-bots. In all do seriousness, this squad is vital to wunderwaffe. It is brutally accurate and damaging, and notoriously hard to kill, and gains vet fast. It costs as much as a tank… and hits like one. For an extra CP, it can be equipped with the best hand portable AT in the game: the panzerfaust 150. Anytime you need to push an area, or hold off an enemy breakthrough, send these guys. They can hold off 3 rifle squads in green cover by themselves (do send reinforcements though). Don’t lose them. They cost 600 manpower. If you lose them, your enemy will push you brutally. Basically, unlock ASAP, deploy ASAP.


      An infrared searchlight equipped half-track. reveals any units caught in its sweeping beam. They will pop up on the mini map. Should be the first thing you unlock, and one of the last units you build. You unlock this to get to Jagerotte. If you build this early, you will be 300 manpower behind, meaning you are unable to summon a vital squad, therefore, you lose a vital early and mid-game unit needed to hold out until your first Tiger arrives. Late game it will literally tell you where to push with your panzers, and where to set up ambushes. Save it for then.

      PaK 40/ Panzer IV

      Your endgame does not begin with these units. Don’t make any hard pushes. If the allies start to build tanks before your tiger is ready (and they will), you need a unit that can attack and penetrate them from the front, and from a safe distance. Be careful with these babies.  I personally prefer PaK 40, b/c it can be re-crewed in most situations if infantry overwhelm the crew for some reason, although if you feel more comfortable with the panzer, that works to. (Stug I can also see working.)

      Big Cats

      Your late game war machines. Ideally, Summon the Tiger First, then the king tiger, then build support panthers. You need the tiger first, as it can take on multiple allies tanks with a reasonable chance of success, then the king tiger. If you don’t have the 2000 manpower, and desperately need the armor, go panthers, but make sure you go for the panthers infrared lamp. It essentially double the LOS of the tank, turning it into a sniper. The king tiger though is the apex of tanks: The cannon will slice through almost anything, and its armor is extremely thick . It does move painfully slow, so do be cautions with it. It is a pain to replace. Don’t charge into anywhere with your tanks without supporting infantry. EVER!

      Order of Battle

      You want to start out playing as greedy as you can, but still being able to hold out in any position, so: take chock points, areas with a lots of capture points clustered together, areas with lots of green cover/ buildings you can occupy. Anything you can defend. I prefer to build 2 freiwilligen and an MG 34 to start, along with my SS grenadier then get battalion HQ ASAP while taking any ground I can, preferably the middle, holding with infantry until Jagerotte arrives. I also build Assault storms, panzerjagers, and a maybe a pioneer squad for the trenches. (I like to get assault storms, jagerotte, panzerjagers in that order. Nice scaling of power.) Pervitin is an excellent aid here, as your infantry will become “super” for a few moments. If the enemy if pushing hard, pop the tablets and get into cover. Just keep defending your sectors that you have taken, capturing anything undefended, punishing where you need to. Once mech HQ is up, if you want to call in an abulance, or a mortar halftrack, do so (Luchs is rather redundant, as you Jagerrotte are far superior, and harder to kill). When you get your final HQ, summon your choice of AT unit be that a PaK, Panzer, Stug, whatever. If you can skip building units to get Jagerotte or a Tiger I out faster b/c your enemy is being passive do so! This is an aggressive doctrine. Once you get your tiger out, uhu should come sometime thereafter. Pair your jagerotte and the tiger together, and you have a 2 unit team that will be devastating to take on. Uhu should either be scanning area around tiger, in case of flanks (US and Brit airborne especially. Commandos and US airborne AT squad are potent to your Tiger, and the doctrine  infantry do reasonably well against Jagerotte, who are not unstoppable.)  If the area is very quiet, don’t be afraid to shine somewhere else: the enemy might try to go somewhere else, avoiding your power couple. Listen very carefully, for either your troops shouting “airstrike!” or the din of rockets/arty from distance. If you hear either, slam that Tiger into reverse, and sprint the Jager and get the hell out of there! You can not lose these units! It will break your momentum! This Doc get easier to play ones King Tiger hits the field. The danger (for the most part) has passed. Multiple tanks will make it possible to set up crossfires, and hold a larger area. Sill listen for audio cues, and all that ofc. Get out your support units, and start unlocking other doc abilities, like the MG/Panther optics and snipers. If you still have the MG 34, try to exchange it for an MG 42. The 42 can install High-Tech Optics, which will double its range. It can now suppress from a massive distance, and can remain relevant into the very late game. The Goliath is… interesting. It can be used to hide behind buildings and pull some cheeky kills. Its hits like an arty shell, so do try to build a few, and hide them in some places the enemy might advance. Your 2 fire support options should be late game, and use them on anything you tanks/infantry cant kill. It breaks stalemates very well. The V1 takes a while to arrive, and may miss, so try and use it against static targets: defenses, emplacements, units in buildings, etc. If you see units in a checkpoint, or tripping up on one another, that works too! The Arado is more accurate and dependable, and can’t be shot down! Use it for more accurate fire support. Then, win as needed. Build panthers, and more assault infantry to cinch the win, Replace units as you need to.

      Keep in mind:

      This doc relies on very powerful expensive units. If you lose one of your big three units (Tiger I, Tiger II, Jagerotte) you lose both a major force on the battlefield, and delay the next unit by a lot b/c you need to rebuild it. If you do lose one, don’t give up, but play cautiously: you have taken a major setback. This is a micro intensive doctrine, and takes some skill to play, but is immensely fun b/c of the power of its unlocks. Bind each of these 3 units to their own control group!

      Personal note:

      I hated this doc the first few times around. The standard AI handed my rear end to me on a golden platter. If you need help, ask one of the vets, it OK! (This goes for all docs) After I got some “coaching” this became my favorite doc! (So far…)

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      Nice description.

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