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      “The speed, accuracy and devastating power of American Artillery won confidence and admiration from the troops it supported and inspired fear and respect in their enemy.”

      – Dwight D. Eisenhower


      Great for those who like supporting role.
      Stupidly powerful artilleries (Especially M7B1 Priests) that can damage virtually anything.
      This doctrine is quite balanced since it doesn’t use as much as munitions or fuels like other doctrines. (still much but not hungry like others.)



      Artilleries are vulnerable to ANY kind of vehicles, especially air attacks or vehicles assault.
      Not designed for leading the assault:.
      Yes, you have M10 Wolverine but you can’t still reliably penetrate King Tigers’ and Jadgtigers’ frontal armor with regular AP shells, even with upgraded 90mm cannon on M36 Jackson. And their armors are paper-thin. Which you might meet them in late game.


      So, This doctrine is great, especially when you co-operate with other players. You have tons of supporting vehicles which i will explain in key units. All units and doctrines have their advantages and disadvantages. Just like this one. And also, what I told you before: THIS IS NOT FRONTLINE DOCTRINES. IF YOU WANT TO GO FRONTLINE, PICK ARMOR DOCTRINE. (Not insulting lol.)

      Key units:

      Forward Observers (oh, really?)

      M1 81mm Mortar teams.

      WC51 Artillery Observers.

      M7B1 Priest HMC.

      M10 Wolverine TDs.

      291st Engineers squad. (No kidding, right?)


      Forward Observers:

      This is your early game units. It’s excellent at scouting and monitoring area using their binoculars that you want your unit to go. If there isn’t any covers, they can build foxhole to provide them heavy protection. But remember: Protect this squad if you want to keep monitoring the zone, they are really lightly armed. If you can’t protect them with infantries. This squad has “Evasive Actions” use them if your FOs are under fire.

      M1 81mm Mortar Team:

      This is also your early game units. Like any mortar team: Good damage, High arc, Long Range, Slow Rate of Fire. Remember to keep this at as far away as possible and in-range so they can provide fire support to your units.

      WC51 Artillery Observers:

      Keep this as long as possible if you don’t want to order another one, you’re gonna use with your M7B1 Priest HMC. This truck can not only scout. But also deliver stupidly powerful barrage from M7B1 Priest.

      M7B1 Priest HMC:

      This is the main unit of this doctrine. Can kill virtually anything with it’s their own powerful 105mm shells. How strong you ask? – Can even damage King Tiger (burn engine, knock out tracks and transmission, take out gun.) and EVEN destroy them. This is all-around unit that bring a pack of punch to all kinds. At a costs of weak armor, and require WC51 Artillery Observers to order to fire.

      M10 Wolverine TDs:

      This is your main AT vehicles, armed with 75mm cannon and can upgrade to a more powerful 90mm M3 cannon (Which will rename it to M36B2 Jackson.) The 90mm gun provide superior penetrating capability with HVAP shells and range. You will need at least Vet 1 and Heavy Ordnance Depot activation to get access to gun upgrades. (Only to specific vehicles though not all of Wolverines.)

      291st Engineer squad:

      Basically, this is a clone of British Royal Engineers. Only differences are they must called from off-map. But they can build emplacements like M1 AT, 40mm Bofors and EVEN M4A3 Tanks! No kidding, you can build it anywhere. But you still need to pay like when you order from HQ. lol.

      Build orders:

      When starting games, you might want to build basic troops first. I always go with 2 Engineers 2 Rifleman squads and 1 .50cal jeep. As usual for me.
      Once you got into early game, which is usually after you got some territory points, start building Forward Observers (Max 3 squads). These units are good at sight line which will highlight where you go. If your enemies pick Airborne doctrines (Luffwaffe, etc.), unlock AA truck ASAP. Otherwise they might use air strike aganist you and you will find hard time building your forces. If your enemies go for armored doctrines (Wunderwaffe for example), you might need AT elements since they might build vehicles aganist you.

      Coming into Mid-Game, Unlock 291st Engineers squad and order them. You may need them for building defenses. Especially if you already forwarded HQ. This will make enemy harder to push through your line and make it safer for you and your allies to gather and reinforce their units.

      What’s next? Order WC51 Artillery Observers (Only 1) and M7B1 Priest (You can only build 2 so keep that in mind). Use your WC51 to coordinate barrages for Priests, If your enemies are trying to push through your line. The regular shells are basically HE shells, which is somewhat almost ineffective aganist Heavy Vehicles. But you can unlock Timed Fuze HE shells which are very effective aganist Heavy Vehicles. Including Jadgtiger and King Tiger. Their explosion is really dangerous: 1 small explosion kill entire infantry squad and can already damage the vehicles and even more dangerous with buildings.

      If enemies attempting to destroy your artilleries. Don’t let them do it. Protect artilleries at all costs!

      Finally, at the late game: If your allies gather enough forces to push. Go behind them. Support with your Priests, But if the enemies trying to recover, Keep their forces stall at that state by keep destroying their tanks and infantries you encounter. Always use Priests also (If Priests still not enough use infantries and tanks support.)


      Orders of Battle:

      As you always, start with basic combatants. Get Forward Observers ASAP after that, use them to monitor the points to capture. Theirselves can hide from enemies combined with extremely long sight line. This will let you know where the enemies are. DO NOT get Fire Direction Centre and Divisional Artillery immediately! Unless you ABSOLUTELY sure that the enemies are pushing with large numbers. Alternative way to scout enemies activity is using Air Reconnaissance Flight but the plane can be shot down by any AA Elements, Keep that in mind.

      If the enemies are starting to breakthrough your lines. Get either Divisional/Corps artillery or M7B1 Priest HMC. Use WC51 Artillery Observer to coordinate barrage for your HMCs. Unlock Proximity Fuzes as fast as you can. These type of fuzes are the most powerful fuzes in this doctrine. How it work? – Once it near enough it will explode in sky, causing damage and it will explode again, causing additional damage to ALL KINDS of units especially If you really want to take out King Tiger or Jadgtiger.

      Divisional Artillery comes with 155mm “Long Tom” Howitzer which called from off-map and can prove very powerful.

      Even more powerful is Corps Artillery: 240mm “Black Dragon” Howitzer. This is simply, I would called it “Mini-Nuke”. 1 shot ANY vehicles within blast range and infantry squad. But come with high munition costs and long cooldown times.

      You can give your M10 Wolverine act as Indirect fire when attached to artillery pieces. Which will barrage the specific zone of enemies. Or you can upgraded them with 90mm M3 cannon (Which is exactly M36B2 Jackson.)

      *Oh BTW Nuke enemies that are in large groups. With any kinds of powerful artilleries. If they did not know that you’re gonna use it. Then it will costs them a lot of MP, Fuels and Munitions to rebuild their forces again.

      Talking about 291st Engineers. This squad can build defenses that make it safer for you and your allies to gather and reinforces their units there. They can also build some kind of roadblock which block the vehicles path with “Fieldcraft”. “Advanced Fieldcraft” let them build M4A3 Sherman for defense. But it cannot move so remember that. Lastly, you can order captured German Pak43 8.8cm AT gun. Which somewhat can be prove useful aganist heavier vehicles. But protect them since they are vulnerable to flanking and infantry attacks. Especially those lighting strike of enemy forces (Fast vehicles attack.)

      In short: This is a great support doctrine. Can be play with other using doctrines like Armored, Infantries and Airborne. Or any doctrines from other factions. Just remember these actions that I recommended. Try to maintain resources, just like what you do with other doctrines.

      So yeah, this is my first guide EVER. It might not good but if it’s work for you then it’s okay. If you saw anything wrong with this guide please notify me and i will improve it in the future. Thank you.

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      Its  a nice start. I can see where you got the format from :P, but your writing style is different from mine.

      Goo job though. Some good advice here.

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      Nice work thanks a lot for that. This will be very useful for our users.

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