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      It´s a common issue that happens to everyone, but there are some ways to prevent or avoid certain things. (Error-183 can not be fixed sadly)

      1. ALWAYS restart the Game after every match played, this will prevent the Error 183 for the most part.
      2. Avoid Games longer than 1 hour 45 minutes, this is the mark where most people will experience  Error-183
      3. Avoid playing on Maps with bad pathing, this will cause the AI to go haywire and spamm units in one place without moving
      4. Avoid playing on huge overly detailed maps, this will hit your FPS.
      5. Even if your PC can handle Max Graphic Settings, lower them if you experience constant FPS drops and Stuttering.
      6. Maps with modified Resource and Manpower income will also impact FPS and cause lag because the AI will spamm units from start to end.
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      Excellent post. Thanks a lot for the tips

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      eye of the panther

      For games against AI, I recommend setting the Pop Cap too either 125 or 250. So not only is the AI not going to spam a lot of units, but to ensure you have a fun time as well


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      A new way that was reccently found is to set the Sound Quality to low in the Options Menu. It will make units sound less clear aswell as impact the overall effects but it will result in a more stable game!

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      Steve Magal

      Confirmed, the bug with high zoom cutting the upper edge of the screen can be solved selecting Imagem details on Maximum. You can leave every other graphic settings on low.

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